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A phytogeographical analysis of the phanerogams of Pakistan and Kashmir
Four phytogeographical regions of Pakistan are recognised in an analysis of the phanerogams of Pakistan. Among the uniregionals, the most common element is Irano-Turanian (45.6%) followed byExpand
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Flora of Pakistan
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Hybridization in Acacia nilotica (Mimosoideae) complex
The variability in the Acacia nilotica complex is explained in terms of hybridization between A. nilotica subsp. indica and A. nilotica subsp. hemispherica. This is substantiated by the study ofExpand
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Tamaricaria, a new genus of Tamaricaceae
A new monotypic genus Tamaricaria Qaiser & Ali of Tamaricaceae is described with a new combination i.e. Tamaricaria elegans (Royle) Qaiser & Ali.
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The genus Ciminalis (Gentianaceae) in Pakistan and Kashmir
The genus Ciminalis Adans. is being revised from Pakistan and Kashmir. The present investigation has revealed the presence of one new species: C. ballistanica Omer. Three specific combinations areExpand
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