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The International Law Foundations of Palestinian Nationality: A Legal Examination of Nationality in Palestine Under Britain's Rule
Preface Foreword I Introduction II Nationality in Palestine under the Ottoman Empire III Palestinian nationality in transition, 1917-1925 IV Palestinian Citizenship Order 1925 V Natural PalestinianExpand
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A century of the law profession in Palestine: quo vadis?
ABSTRACT The main challenge encountered by the law profession in Palestine throughout its 100-year history is the division over political lines. The split started with the establishment of theExpand
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Restorative Justice in the Islamic Penal Law: A Contribution to the Global System
IntroductionRestorative justice is a recent concept. Its exact characteristic is still evolving, even in the Anglo-Saxon countries, where the theory is borne over the past three decades (Doolin,Expand
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Juvenile Justice System in Palestine: Current Situation and Reform Prospects
The Palestinian Authority is under obligation to observe international human rights standards relating to children in conflict with the law. However, the authority has done little to improve theExpand
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The Ability of the Palestinian Legal System to Secure Adequate Standards of Living: Reform or the Failure of State Duty
  • M. Qafisheh
  • Political Science
  • Asian Journal of International Law
  • 20 March 2013
In parallel with its efforts to become a full member of the United Nations (UN) and its specialized agencies, Palestine needs to take the implications of joining such organizations in earnest.Expand
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V Natural Palestinian Citizens
The status of an Ottoman subject had to have been well-established. This status is based on original Ottoman nationality which had been acquired by birth or through naturalization by the OttomanExpand
XI Palestinian Nationality In The Partition Plan
This chapter reviews the nationality provisions of the United Nations Partition Plan of Palestine as a means to view the position of the international community regarding the future of PalestinianExpand
Palestine: Lawyering between Colonisation and the Struggle for Professional Independence
The world's legal professions have undergone dramatic changes in the 30 years since publication of the landmark three-volume Lawyers in Society, which launched comparative sociological studies ofExpand
The international law foundations of Palestiniannationality: a legal examination of Palestinian nationality underthe British rule
By the end of the British rule in Palestine on 14 May 1948, Palestinian nationality had become well-established in accordance with both domestic law and international law. Accordingly, the legalExpand