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Moving against frailty: does physical activity matter?
Frailty is a common condition in older persons and has been described as a geriatric syndrome resulting from age-related cumulative declines across multiple physiologic systems, with impairedExpand
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Inducers of Senescence, Toxic Compounds, and Senolytics: The Multiple Faces of Nrf2-Activating Phytochemicals in Cancer Adjuvant Therapy
The reactivation of senescence in cancer and the subsequent clearance of senescent cells are suggested as therapeutic intervention in the eradication of cancer. Several natural compounds thatExpand
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Effect of resveratrol on the development of spontaneous mammary tumors in HER‐2/neu transgenic mice
Resveratrol (Res) has been reported to possess cancer chemopreventive activity on the basis of its in vitro effects on tumor cells and in vivo experimental models of rodents transplanted withExpand
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Autoantibody to p185erbB2/neu oncoprotein by vaccination with xenogenic DNA
Abstract The passive transfer of antibodies and vaccination procedures against p185, the erbB2/neu oncoprotein, are approaches being explored for treatment of human breast cancer. We now report theExpand
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Reference Values for CD4+ and CD8+ T Lymphocytes with Naïve or Memory Phenotype and Their Association with Mortality in the Elderly
Background: Well-established reference values which take into account the influence of age on immune cell phenotype, and the impact of naïve or memory T cells on mortality have not been well definedExpand
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Identification and Characterization of Cancer Stem Cells from Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Lines
Background/Aims: Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) ranks sixth worldwide for tumor-related mortality. A subpopulation of tumor cells, termed cancer stem cells (CSCs), has the ability toExpand
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Natural killer cell activity in endometriosis: correlation between serum estradiol levels and cytotoxicity.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the correlation between natural killer cell activity and serum estradiol (E2) levels in patients with different stages of endometriosis. METHODS Natural killer cell activityExpand
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Zinc, Immunity, and Aging
A good body of experimental and clinical evidence supports the idea that, with advancing age, the immune system undergoes a progressive deterioration of efficiency and that such a decline largelyExpand
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Improvement in the proliferative capacity and natural killer cell activity of murine spleen lymphocytes by thyrotropin.
In the present study we investigated the effect of thyrotropin (TSH) on both the proliferative capacity and the natural killer (NK) cell activity of murine spleen lymphocytes. It was found that TSHExpand
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Pituitary-thyroid axis and immune system: a reciprocal neuroendocrine-immune interaction.
A good body of experimental and clinical results has supported the existence of numerous reciprocal interactions among the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. Increasing evidence has beenExpand
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