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Double-Blind Study of the Effects of an Oral Supplement Intended to Support Joint Health in Horses with Tarsal Degenerative Joint Disease
In recent years, the use of oral supplements that are intended to support joint health has become very popular for relief of the symptoms of degenerative joint disease (DJD) in people and animals.Expand
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Body fluid and endometrial concentrations of ketoconazole in mares after intravenous injection or repeated gavage.
After single oral administration of ketoconazole (30 mg/kg bodyweight [bwt]) in 50 ml of corn syrup to a healthy mare, the drug was not detected in serum. Ketoconazole in 0.2 N HC1 was administeredExpand
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Injuries to the cranial cruciate ligament and associated structures: summary of clinical, radiographic, arthroscopic and pathological findings from 10 horses.
The clinical, radiographic, arthroscopic and pathological findings of 10 horses with injury to the cranial cruciate ligament are presented. The most consistent clinical signs included moderate toExpand
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Pharmacokinetics of sodium cephapirin in lactating dairy cows.
Sodium cephapirin was administered (10 mg/kg of body weight, IM) at 8-hour intervals in 4 consecutive doses to each of 6 lactating dairy cows. Blood, normal milk, mastitic milk, urine, andExpand
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Concentrados autólogos de plaquetas como tratamiento de lesiones de tejidos blandos del aparato locomotor en caballos
The efficacy of an autologous platelet concentrate (APC) in 5 horses with soft tissue musculoskeletal injuries namely: superficial digital flexor tendon (SDF...
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Lag screw stabilization of a cervical vertebral fracture by use of computed tomography in a horse.
A traumatic fracture of C2 was diagnosed radiographically in a 1-year-old German Warm-blood stallion. Fracture configuration was difficult to see on survey radiographs. Computed tomography yielded aExpand
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Non‐ohmic phenomena in Mn‐doped BaTiO3
We thank EPSRC for financial support. MP, HB, EC thank the ‘‘Bancaja-Universitat Jaume I’’- project No. P1 1B2010-22 for financial support. MP thanks Universitat Jaume I for a fellowshipExpand
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Criopreservação do plasma rico em plaquetas de equinos
Equine platelet-rich plasma (PRP) frozen at -196°C in liquid nitrogen using DMSO as a cryoprotectant in two different concentrations (3% and 6%) was evaluated, using platelet morphology andExpand
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