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FTIR spectroscopy study of polyamide-6 irradiated by electron and proton beams
Polyamide-6 (PA-6) irradiated by a 500 kGy electron beam (EB) dose or by 500 and 1000 kGy proton beam (PB) doses was examined by FTIR spectroscopy, crosslinked portion determination, DSC and tensileExpand
The effect of electron beam irradiation on properties of virgin and glass fiber-reinforced polyamide 6
Abstract Crosslinking of virgin polyamide 6 (PA-6) and PA-6 filled with 30 wt% glass fibers (GF) was investigated. The crosslinking was initiated by electron irradiation applying dose ranging from 50Expand
The effect of electron beam on sheep wool
Abstract The effect of accelerated electron beam with absorbed doses of 0–400 kGy on wool fibres was investigated. The S-oxidized species, CH groups, secondary structure, temperature and enthalpy ofExpand
Electron beam irradiated sheep wool – Prospective sorbent for heavy metals in wastewater
Abstract Sheep wool water-washed in ultrasonic bath and slightly pre-dried was irradiated by accelerated electron beam applying dose of (0–350) kGy. The samples underwent sorption examination withExpand
Sorption properties of sheep wool irradiated by accelerated electron beam
Electron beam (EB) irradiated wool was examined for sorption of chromic ions. Sorption increased with the adsorbed dose non-monotonously, which is a result of the generation of S-oxidized groups,Expand
Time-Dependent Variations in Structure of Sheep Wool Irradiated by Electron Beam
Wool scoured in tap water with no special degreasing and containing a balanced humidity responding to usual laboratory conditions was irradiated by accelerated electron beam in the range of 0–350 kGyExpand
Effect of drying methods on the content of natural pigments and antioxidant capacity in extracts from medicinal plants: a spectroscopic study
Medicinal plants are a significant source of biological active and health protective compounds. Post-harvest treatments can affect, in different ways, the content and biological activity of suchExpand
Optimization of the method of crosslinked portion determination in irradiated polyamide-6
Abstract Given the absence of a conventional determination method for polyamide-6 (PA-6) gels, the optimal conditions for gel content determination were investigated in crosslinked bulk PA-6 byExpand
Two centrosymmetric dinuclear phenanthroline-copper(II) complexes with 3,5-dichloro-2-hydroxybenzoic acid and 5-chloro-2-hydroxybenzoic acid.
The title compounds, bis(μ-3,5-dichloro-2-oxidobenzoato)-κ(3)O(1),O(2):O(2);κ(3)O(2):O(1),O(2)-bis[(3,5-dichloro-2-hydroxybenzoic acid-κO(1))(1,10-phenanthroline-κ(2)N,N')copper(II)],Expand