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Tourette syndrome deep brain stimulation: A review and updated recommendations
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) may improve disabling tics in severely affected medication and behaviorally resistant Tourette syndrome (TS). Here we review all reported cases of TS DBS and provideExpand
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Long‐Term, Post‐Deep Brain Stimulation Management of a Series of 36 Patients Affected With Refractory Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome
Objectives:  This study aimed to assess the long‐term results of deep brain stimulation (DBS) for patients affected with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, documenting refractoriness to conservativeExpand
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Conflict-dependent dynamic of subthalamic nucleus oscillations during moral decisions
Although lesional, neuroimaging, and brain stimulation studies have provided an insight into the neural mechanisms of judgement and decision-making, all these works focused on the cerebral cortex,Expand
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Thalamic deep brain stimulation for treatment-refractory Tourette syndrome
Background: Eighteen patients with severe and refractory Tourette syndrome (TS) underwent bilateral thalamic deep brain stimulation (DBS). Objective: To assess the long-term outcome on tics,Expand
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European clinical guidelines for Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders. Part IV: deep brain stimulation
Ten years ago deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been introduced as an alternative and promising treatment option for patients suffering from severe Tourette syndrome (TS). It seemed timely to developExpand
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De novo and rescue DBS leads for refractory Tourette syndrome patients with severe comorbid OCD: a multiple case report
Invasive treatment for Gilles de la Tourette syndrome has shown interesting results in a number of published reports; it seems to be evolving into a promising therapeutic procedure for those patientsExpand
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Deep brain electrophysiological recordings provide clues to the pathophysiology of Tourette syndrome
Although ample evidence suggests that high-frequency deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an effective therapy in patients with Tourette syndrome (TS), its pathophysiology and the neurophysiologicalExpand
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Abstract Initial clinical studies in 32 Senegalese subjects have demonstrated the efficacy of ivermectin in Onchocerca volvulus infection (river blindness). Although 0. volvulus microfilariae in skinExpand
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Thalamic single‐unit and local field potential activity in Tourette syndrome
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the ventralis oralis (VO) complex of the thalamus improves tics in patients with Tourette syndrome (TS). To neurophysiologically describe the VO complex we recorded,Expand
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Issues Related to Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Refractory Tourette’s Syndrome
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been used in a small number of patients with Tourette’s syndrome and results on tics and comorbidities have been promising. The choice of the DBS target appears toExpand
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