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Strong Interactions and Stability in the DGP Model
The model of Dvali, Gabadadze, and Porrati (DGP) gives a simple geometrical setup in which gravity becomes 5-dimensional at distances larger than a length scale lambda(DGP). We show that this theory
D Gravity on a Brane in 5 D Minkowski Space
We suggest a mechanism by which four-dimensional Newtonian gravity emerges on a 3-brane in 5D Minkowski space with an infinite size extra dimension. The worldvolume theory gives rise to the correct
Novel Local CFT and Exact Results on Perturbations of N=4 Super Yang Mills from AdS Dynamics
We nd new, local, non-supersymmetric conformal eld theories ob- tained by relevant deformations of the N=4 super Yang Mills theory in the large N limit. We contruct interpolating supergravity
Holography and phenomenology
We examine various aspects of the conjectured duality between warped AdS5 geometries with boundary branes and strongly coupled (broken) conformal field theories coupled to dynamical gravity. We also