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Free-Locomotion of Underwater Vehicles Actuated by Ionic Polymer Metal Composites
In this paper, we develop a modeling framework for studying free-locomotion of biomimetic underwater vehicles propelled by vibrating ionic polymer metal composites (IPMCs). The motion of the vehicleExpand
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Consensus Seeking Over Random Weighted Directed Graphs
  • M. Porfiri, D. Stilwell
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
  • 17 September 2007
We examine the consensus problem for a group of agents that communicate via a stochastic information network via a weighted directed random graph that switches periodically. Expand
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Tracking and formation control of multiple autonomous agents: A two-level consensus approach
Simultaneous tracking and formation control is addressed for a team of autonomous agents that evolve dynamically in a space containing a measurable vector field. Expand
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Design, Modeling, and Characterization of a Miniature Robotic Fish for Research and Education in Biomimetics and Bioinspiration
In this paper, we present the design of a biomimetic robotic fish with a modular caudal fin and analyze its performance. The robot's propulsion system is experimentally characterized for differentExpand
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Nonlinear finite amplitude vibrations of sharp-edged beams in viscous fluids
Abstract In this paper, we study flexural vibrations of a cantilever beam with thin rectangular cross section submerged in a quiescent viscous fluid and undergoing oscillations whose amplitude isExpand
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Low frequency and large amplitude oscillations of cantilevers in viscous fluids
We study nonlinear vibrations of cantilever beams oscillating in viscous fluids. A handleable expression for the inertial and damping loads due to the encompassing fluid is proposed. We expand on theExpand
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Criteria for global pinning-controllability of complex networks
We study pinning-controllability of networks of coupled dynamical systems in terms of the network topology, the oscillator dynamics, and the linear state feedback. Expand
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Energy harvesting from base excitation of ionic polymer metal composites in fluid environments
In this paper, we analytically and experimentally study the energy harvesting capability of submerged ionic polymer metal composites?(IPMCs). We consider base excitation of an IPMC strip that isExpand
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Zebrafish response to robotic fish: preference experiments on isolated individuals and small shoals.
Recently developed bioinspired robots imitate their live counterparts in both aspect and functionality. Nevertheless, whether these devices can be integrated within the ecological niche inspiringExpand
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Acute caffeine administration affects zebrafish response to a robotic stimulus
Zebrafish has been recently proposed as a valid animal model to investigate the fundamental mechanisms regulating emotional behavior and evaluate the modulatory effects exerted by psychoactiveExpand
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