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MALDI-MS tissue imaging identification of biliverdin reductase B overexpression in prostate cancer.
UNLABELLED New biomarkers are needed to improve the specificity of prostate cancer detection and characterisation of individual tumors. In a proteomics profiling approach using MALDI-MS tissueExpand
Treatment and outcome with traumatic lesions of the olecranon and prepatellar bursa: a literature review apropos a retrospective analysis including 552 cases
BackgroundTraumatic lesions of the olecranon bursa (OB) and prepatellar bursa (PB) are injuries commonly seen in orthopaedic trauma units. These injuries are associated with a high rate ofExpand
Occurrence of pneumonitis following radiotherapy of breast cancer – A prospective study
Aimof this study is to determine the temporal resolution of therapy-induced pneumonitis, and to assess promoting factors in adjuvant treated patients with unilateral mammacarcinoma.Patients andExpand
Correlation of Tumor and Peritumoral Edema Volumes with Survival in Patients with Cerebral Metastases.
BACKGROUND Surgical resection in combination with radiotherapy in selected cases remains the best option for patients with cerebral metastases. Postoperative relapse of brain metastases occursExpand
Cerebrospinal fluid levels of tau and phospho-tau-181 proteins during pregnancy.
OBJECTIVES During pregnancy various interactions occur between structural alterations of the maternal brain and placental metabolism. The aim of the present study was to investigate whetherExpand
Identifying Biologically Meaningful Groups of Genes in the Androgen Receptor Network
Androgen receptor is a transcription factor that plays a crucial role in the development of prostate cancer. Androgen receptor cofactors and androgen response genes are tightly connected to theExpand
Towards Structural Network Analysis
Structural network analysis is an intricate problem. In fact, the majority of techniques that have been developed so far are only applicable to investigate deterministic network models. This givesExpand
Clinically insignificant improvement of prostate cancer prediction by addition of sex steroid hormones and SHBG serum levels to serum PSA, fPSA%, and age in a screening setting
Abstract Various findings implicate sex hormones in prostate growth and development and also in prostate carcinogenesis. We investigated if addition of sex steroid hormone and sex hormone bindingExpand