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The effect of acute treadmill walking on cognitive control and academic achievement in preadolescent children
The effect of an acute bout of moderate treadmill walking on behavioral and neuroelectric indexes of the cognitive control of attention and applied aspects of cognition involved in school-basedExpand
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The effects of an afterschool physical activity program on working memory in preadolescent children.
The present study examined the effects of a 9-month randomized control physical activity intervention aimed at improving cardiorespiratory fitness on changes in working memory performance inExpand
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Cardiorespiratory Fitness and the Flexible Modulation of Cognitive Control in Preadolescent Children
The influence of cardiorespiratory fitness on the modulation of cognitive control was assessed in preadolescent children separated into higher- and lower-fit groups. Participants completed compatibleExpand
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Effects of the FITKids Randomized Controlled Trial on Executive Control and Brain Function
OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of a physical activity (PA) intervention on brain and behavioral indices of executive control in preadolescent children. METHODS: Two hundred twenty-one children (7–9Expand
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Exercise improves behavioral, neurocognitive, and scholastic performance in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of a single bout of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise on preadolescent children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) using objective measures ofExpand
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Aerobic fitness and cognitive development: Event-related brain potential and task performance indices of executive control in preadolescent children.
The relationship between aerobic fitness and executive control was assessed in 38 higher- and lower-fit children (M-sub(age) = 9.4 years), grouped according to their performance on a field test ofExpand
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Acute exercise facilitates brain function and cognition in children who need it most: An ERP study of individual differences in inhibitory control capacity
Highlights • Cognitive and ERP assessments were performed following exercise and seated rest.• The sample was bifurcated according to baseline inhibitory control performance.• Selective increases inExpand
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Basal Ganglia Volume Is Associated with Aerobic Fitness in Preadolescent Children
The present investigation is the first to explore the association between childhood aerobic fitness and basal ganglia structure and function. Rodent research has revealed that exercise influences theExpand
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The effect of acute aerobic and resistance exercise on working memory.
PURPOSE The goal of this investigation was to assess the influence of acute bouts of aerobic versus resistance exercise on the executive control of working memory. METHODS Twenty-one young adultExpand
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Physical activity and cognitive function in a cross-section of younger and older community-dwelling individuals.
Previous reports have indicated a small, positive relationship between physical activity and cognition. However, the majority of research has focused on older adults, with few studies examining thisExpand
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