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Hepatocellular carcinoma and cirrhosis in 746 patients: long-term results of percutaneous ethanol injection.
PEI proved safe, effective, and repeatable and had a low cost, probably because of a balancing between greater radicality of surgery and absence of early mortality and liver damage of PEI. Expand
Thrombotic risk factors in patients with liver cirrhosis: correlation with MELD scoring system and portal vein thrombosis development.
Lower concentrations of natural coagulation inhibitors are frequently detected in patients with liver cirrhosis and a reduced portal flow velocity seems to be the most important predictive variable for PVT development in patientsWith cirrhotic patients. Expand
Suicide risk in schizophrenia: learning from the past to change the future
This is the first attempt to present a consensus report as well as the development of a set of guidelines for reducing suicide risk among schizophenia patients. Expand
Suicide risk and prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic
Suicidal Behavior and Alcohol Abuse
Evidence of the relationship between alcohol use and suicide through a search of MedLine and PsychInfo electronic databases is reviewed and multiple genetically-related intermediate phenotypes might influence the relationshipBetween alcohol and suicide. Expand
Decreased risk of suicides and attempts during long-term lithium treatment: a meta-analytic review.
Risks of completed and attempted suicide were consistently lower, by approximately 80%, during treatment of bipolar and other major affective disorder patients with lithium for an average of 18 months, and these benefits were sustained in randomized as well as open clinical trials. Expand
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Is Associated With Gut Microbiota Profile and Inflammation in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
It is suggested that in patients with cirrhosis and NAFLD the gut microbiota profile and systemic inflammation are significantly correlated and can concur in the process of hepatocarcinogenesis. Expand
Second-Generation Antipsychotics and Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome: Systematic Review and Case Report Analysis
Systematic analysis of case reports suggests that even the most recently marketed antipsychotics are not free from the risk of inducing NMS, and primary studies suggest that SGA-NMS is characterized by lower incidence, lower clinical severity, and less frequent lethal outcome. Expand
Botulinum toxin A versus B in sialorrhea: A prospective, randomized, double‐blind, crossover pilot study in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Parkinson's disease
Either 250 U Dysport or 2500 U Neurobloc have similar effectiveness and safety in controlling sialorrhea and BoNT‐B has a shorter latency and comparable duration. Expand
Is good insight associated with depression among patients with schizophrenia? Systematic review and meta-analysis
Among patients with schizophrenia, better insight may be associated with depression, but the findings on this issue are mixed. We examined the association between insight and depression inExpand