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Synthesis and TNF expression inhibitory properties of new thalidomide analogues derived via Heck cross coupling.
A library of new thalidomide analogues containing an olefin functionality were synthesised using a Heck cross coupling reaction from their aryl halogenated precursor. All analogues were tested forExpand
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New thalidomide analogues derived through Sonogashira or Suzuki reactions and their TNF expression inhibition profiles.
A library of new thalidomide C4/5 analogues containing either a phenyl or alkyne tether were synthesized using Sonogashira or Suzuki cross coupling reactions from their aryl halogenated precursors.Expand
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A concise synthesis of maleic anhydride and maleimide natural products found in Antrodia camphorata
Abstract Recently, the natural products maleic anhydride 1 and maleimides 2 and 3 have been isolated from the mycelium of Antrodia Camphorata , each displaying activity in LLC cell lines. We describeExpand
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Towards a total synthesis of the new anticancer agent mensacarcin: synthesis of the carbocyclic core.
A synthesis of the carbocyclic core associated with the new anticancer agent mensacarcin (1) is reported. The strategy involves the synthesis of several novel highly substituted aromatic compounds,Expand
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Rapid Evaluation of Antrodia camphorata Natural Products and Derivatives in Tumourigenic Liver Progenitor Cells with a Novel Cell Proliferation Assay
We report the syntheses of five natural product maleimide and maleic anhydrides from the mushroom Antrodia camphorata. The ability of these compounds to affect proliferation in non‐tumourigenic andExpand
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Efforts toward elucidating Thalidomide's molecular target: an expedient synthesis of the first Thalidomide biotin analogue.
Herein we describe the synthesis of the first Thalidomide-biotin analogue in order to initiate investigations into the unknown molecular mode of action of Thalidomide. In this manner we describe theExpand
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Intramolecular Heck Reactions for the Synthesis of the Novel Antibiotic Mensacarcin: Investigation of Catalytic, Electronic and Conjugative Effects in the Preparation of the Hexahydroanthracene Core
The intramolecular Heck reaction of the three complex diphenyl substrates rac-2, 5 and rac-6, containing substituents with different electronic and conjugative properties, were examined. The PdExpand
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Low-temperature behaviour of (NH4)4H2(SeO4)3 and (ND4)4D2(SeO4)3 superionic conductors
Abstract The structure of (NH 4 ) 4 H 2 (SeO 4 ) 3 and of its deuterated analogue was re-determined at room temperature and at ∼140 K. In the examined temperature range, the same centrosymmetricExpand
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