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Conversations with Ulrich Beck
Introduction: Thinking Society Anew (John Urry). 1. Post modernity or the second modernity. 2. Individualisation. 3. Global risk society. 4. Labour society and regime of risk. 5. Cosmopolitan societyExpand
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: Printing Presses: History and Development from the Fifteenth Century to Modern Times
Following your need to always fulfil the inspiration to obtain everybody is now simple. Connecting to the internet is one of the short cuts to do. There are so many sources that offer and connect usExpand
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Political Parties and the Nuclear Energy Debate in France and Germany
In the early 1970s, European countries planned dramatic increases in their nuclear energy capacity. A 1972 projection reported that by 1985 the total installed nuclear power in the European EconomicExpand
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Partially Overlapping Ownership and Contagion in Financial Networks
Using historical banking data for the United States from the years 2000 to 2015 we characterize the probability and extent of a financial contagion using a calibrated network model of heterogeneous interbank exposures. Expand
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Evaluating AIDS prevention for men having sex with men: the West European experience
SummaryThis article presents the major results of a Concerted Action of the European Community on “Assessing AIDS-prevention” concerning the male homo- and bisexual population. It discusses theExpand
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The Atom Besieged: Extraparliamentary Dissent in France and Germany
"Pennsylvania is everywhere!"This was the rallying cry throughout Europe in the aftermath of the Three Mile Island accident. Certainly the fears of anti-nuclear activists for their safety and for theExpand
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