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Non-spherical horizons, I
We formulate an extension of Maldacena’s AdS/CFT conjectures to the case of branes located at singular points in the ambient transverse space. For singularities which occur at finite distance in theExpand
Summing the instantons: Quantum cohomology and mirror symmetry in toric varieties
Abstract We use the gauged linear sigma model introduced by Witten to calculate instanton expansions for correlation functions in topological sigma models with target space a toric variety V or aExpand
Duality in {Calabi-Yau} Moduli Space
We describe a duality in the moduli space of string vacua which pairs topologically distinct Calabi-Yau manifolds and shows that the yield isomorphic conformal theories. At the level of theExpand
New N= 2 superconformal field theories in four dimensions
New examples of N = 2 supersymmetric conformal field theories are found as fixed points of SU(2) N = 2 supersymmetric QCD. Relations among the scaling dimensions of their relevant chiral operators,Expand
The moduli space of vacua of N = 2 SUSY QCD and duality in N = 1 SUSY QCD
Abstract We analyze in detail the moduli space of vacua of N = 2 SUSY QCD with n c colors and n f flavors. The Coulomb branch has submanifolds with non-Abelian gauge symmetry. The massless quarks andExpand
Toric duality is Seiberg duality
We study four N = 1 SU(N) 6 gauge theories, with bi-fundamental chiral matter and a superpotential. In the infrared, these gauge theories all realize the low-energy world-volume description of NExpand
Enhanced gauge symmetry in type II string theory
Abstract We show how enhanced gauge symmetry in type II string theory compactified on a Calabi-Yau threefold arises from singularities in the geometry of the target space. When the target space ofExpand
Mirror manifolds in higher dimension
We describe mirror manifolds in dimensions different from the familiar case of complex threefolds. We isolate certain simplifying features present only in dimension three, and supply alternativeExpand
Towards Mirror Symmetry as Duality for Two-Dimensional Abelian Gauge Theories
Superconformal sigma models with Calabi--Yau target spaces described as complete intersection subvarieties in toric varieties can be obtained as the low-energy limit of certain abelian gauge theoriesExpand
D3-branes on partial resolutions of abelian quotient singularities of Calabi–Yau threefolds
Abstract We investigate field theories on the world-volume of a D3-brane transverse to partial resolutions of a Z 3 × Z 3 Calabi–Yau threefold quotient singularity. We deduce the field content andExpand