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Computers vs. wind tunnels for aerodynamic flow simulations
It is pointed out that in other fields of computational physics, such as ballistics, celestial mechanics, and neutronics, computations have already displaced experiments as the principal means of
Intercommunication of processors and memory
  • M. Pirtle
  • Computer Science
    AFIPS '67 (Fall)
  • 14 November 1967
Many computer systems include one or more high transfer rate secondary storage devices in addition to numerous input-output (I/O) devices, which means that the problem of providing these processors with adequate data transfer capability becomes formidable.
A user machine in a time-sharing system
This paper describes the design of the computer seen by a machine-language programmer in a time-sharing system developed at the University of California at Berkeley, with the main emphasis on the appearance of the user's machine.
A facility for experimentation in man-machine interaction
The broad objective of the project of which the work reported below is a part is to explore and develop techniques in man-machine interaction. The situation involving a person interacting with a
Time-sharing bibliography
The bibliography includes articles dealing with the simultaneous independent shared use of computers. Real time, on-line, memory or facility allocation, multi-programming, and multi-processing
Applications and extensions of the TENEX operating system
The TENEX system was developed in 1969 to serve as a powerful, flexible, yet inexpensive research facility. It provides virtual memory, a hierarchy of processes within each job, a pseudointerrupt
Research in Progress at the Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California
ISI is an off-campus research center in the University of Southern California's School of Engineering. The Institute engages in a broad set of research and application oriented projects in the