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Silver Bullet or Voodoo Statistics?
Much of group and organization research is constrained by either limited sample sizes and/or nascent theoretical development. Wold developed the partial least squares (PLS) data analytical techniqueExpand
The Tobit Kalman Filter: An Estimator for Censored Measurements
We present a novel formulation of the Kalman filter for Tobit Type 1 censored measurements, which we call the Tobit Kalman Filter. Expand
On unifying multiblock analysis with application to decentralized process monitoring
We show that both the loadings and scores of consensus PCA and multiblock PLS (Westerhuis and Coenegracht, J. Chemometrics 1998; 12: 301–321) can be calculated directly from those of regular PCA. Expand
Long-Term Antiretroviral Treatment Initiated at Primary HIV-1 Infection Affects the Size, Composition, and Decay Kinetics of the Reservoir of HIV-1-Infected CD4 T Cells
ABSTRACT Initiation of antiretroviral therapy during the earliest stages of HIV-1 infection may limit the seeding of a long-lasting viral reservoir, but long-term effects of early antiretroviralExpand
HIV Model Parameter Estimates from Interruption Trial Data including Drug Efficacy and Reservoir Dynamics
Mathematical models based on ordinary differential equations (ODE) have had significant impact on understanding HIV disease dynamics and optimizing patient treatment. A model that characterizes theExpand
Improved Process Understanding Using Multiway Principal Component Analysis
We show that batch-to-batch variability is due to reactor temperature variations arising from disturbances in the heating system and other heat-transfer limitations. Expand
A multivariate statistical controller for on-line quality improvement
Abstract Producing good quality products is an important process control objective. However, achieving this objective can be very difficult in a continuous process, especially when qualityExpand
Nonlinear estimators for censored data: A comparison of the EKF, the UKF and the Tobit Kalman filter
The Tobit Kalman filter is a new method that is a computationally efficient, unbiased estimator for linear dynamical systems with censored output. Expand
Low-Order Model Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems by a Combination of Singular Value Decomposition and the Karhunen−Loève Expansion
In this work, a new system identification method that combines the characteristics of singular value decomposition (SVD) and the Karhunen−Loeve (KL) expansion for distributed parameter systems is p...
Probabilistic model for sensor fault detection and identification
A new Bayesian belief network (BBN) model with discretized nodes is proposed for fault detection and identification in a single sensor. The single-sensor model is used as a building block to developExpand