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[The Tallinn Charter: health systems for health and wealth].
The article presents main issues of Tallinn Charter (2008) that concerns functioning health systems, theirs influence on health and wealth of society. Health systems are diverse, but share common setExpand
Associations and foundations in the field of health care and their role in the health system of Poland.
The article presents data on associations and foundations active in health care field in Poland, on the basis of a review of research done by Klon/Jawor Association and the Central StatisticalExpand
Computer data processing in the examination of retinal vessels in essential hypertension and atherosclerosis.
The mean retinal venoarterial width ratio in 100 healthy subjects was measured with a PZO stereoscopic microscope equipped with a calibrated ocular and with an automatic digital image transformerExpand
Monitoring of community-acquired pneumonia hospitalisations before the introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine into Polish National Immunisation Programme (2009-2016): A nationwide
PURPOSE Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a common infection with significant morbidity and mortality. In January 2017, Poland introduced pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) into their nationalExpand
The role of non-governmental organizations in the social and the health system.
The article presents the definitions, objectives, fields and tasks of non-governmental organizations in social life, health system and health policy. In addition, the article addresses the issue ofExpand
[Self-efficacy in health behaviour models for health education].
This article presents the overview of self-efficacy theory, description of self-efficacy measurement scale and meaning of self-efficacy in health behaviour change models. Health behaviour impact onExpand
[Salutogenesis--new approach to health and disease].
A. Antonovsky is the creator of salutogenesis. The theory was built on the ground of many, different sciences connected with health. The article presents salutogenic assumptions including the mainExpand
[The role of science in policy making--EuSANH-ISA project, framework for science advice for health].
Governments and other authorities (including MPs) should be well informed on issues of science and technology. This is particularly important in the era of evidence-based practice. This implies theExpand
Is there the gap in public health literature in Europe?
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE The growing expectations for the effectiveness of public health increase the demand for scientific literature, concerning research, reviews and other forms of information.Expand