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Influence of hydrological connectivity of riverine wetlands on nitrogen removal via denitrification
Wetland ecosystems in agricultural areas often become progressively more isolated from main water bodies. Stagnation favors the accumulation of organic matter as the supply of electron acceptors withExpand
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Benthic metabolism and denitrification in a river reach: a comparison between vegetated and bare sediments
This study aims at comparing biogeochemical processes in a Vallisneria spiralis meadow and in unvegetated sediments in the upper reach of the Mincio River (Northern Italy). The main hypothesis ofExpand
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Net autotrophy in a fluvial lake: the relative role of phytoplankton and floating-leaved macrophytes
This study combined water- and sediment flux measurements with mass balances of dissolved gas and inorganic matter to determine the importance of pelagic and benthic processes for whole-systemExpand
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Remote sensing of phytoplankton-macrophyte coexistence in shallow hypereutrophic fluvial lakes
We investigated with remote sensing (APEX images) the coexistence of phytoplankton and macrophytes in three interconnected shallow and hypereutrophic fluvial lakes (Mantua Lakes, Northern Italy).Expand
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Imaging spectrometry of productive inland waters. Application to the lakes of Mantua
In this study remote sensing techniques have been used for small scale analysis of water temperature, chlorophyll a (chl-a) and total suspended solids (TSS) in three shallow eutrophic lakes (MantuaExpand
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The Use of Multisource Optical Sensors to Study Phytoplankton Spatio-Temporal Variation in a Shallow Turbid Lake
Lake water quality monitoring has the potential to be improved through integrating detailed spatial information from new generation remote sensing satellites with high frequency observations from inExpand
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Non‐invasive brain stimulation of motor cortex induces embodiment when integrated with virtual reality feedback
Previous evidence highlighted the multisensory‐motor origin of embodiment – that is, the experience of having a body and of being in control of it – and the possibility of experimentally manipulatingExpand
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Analysis of within- and between-day chlorophyll-a dynamics in Mantua Superior Lake, with a continuous spectroradiometric measurement
Eutrophic lakes display unpredictable patterns of phytoplankton growth, distribution, vertical and horizontal migration, likely depending on environmental conditions. Monitoring chlorophyll-a (Chl-a)Expand
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Remote sensing of macrophyte morphological traits: Implications for the management of shallow lakes
Macrophytes are important elements of freshwater ecosystems, fulfilling a pivotal role in biogeochemical cycles. The synoptic capabilities provided by remote sensing make it a powerful tool forExpand
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Earth observation for monitoring and mapping of cyanobacteria blooms. Case studies on five Italian lakes
Cyanobacterial blooms occur in many parts of the world as a result of entirely natural causes or human activity. Due to their negative effects on water resources, efforts are made to monitorExpand
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