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Toward a mechanistic psychology of dialogue
A mechanistic account of dialogue, the interactive alignment account, is proposed and used to derive a number of predictions about basic language processes, and the need for a grammatical framework that is designed to deal with language in dialogue rather than monologue is considered.
The Representation of Verbs: Evidence from Syntactic Priming in Language Production
Abstract We report five experiments that investigate syntactic priming ( 982592 ) using a written completion task. Experiments 1 and 2 showed that priming occurs if the prime and target contain
Is Syntax Separate or Shared Between Languages?
Investigating whether syntactic information is shared by testing if syntactic priming occurs between languages found that a participant who had just heard a sentence in Spanish tended to use the same type of sentence when describing the next card in English.
An integrated theory of language production and comprehension
It is asserted that producing and understanding are interwoven, and that this interweaving is what enables people to predict themselves and each other.
Why is conversation so easy?
Structural priming: a critical review.
The potential functions of structural priming are addressed, before turning to its implications for first language acquisition, bilingualism, and aphasia, and the authors close with theoretical and empirical recommendations for future investigations.
Plausibility and the Processing of Unbounded Dependencies:An Eye-Tracking Study
Two eye-tracking experiments investigated processing of unbounded dependency constructions. Experiment 1 employed sentences likeThat's the garage/pistol with which the heartless killer shot the man
Shared syntactic representations in bilinguals: Evidence for the role of word-order repetition.
In 5 experiments, the authors investigated within--and between--languages priming of Dutch, English, and German relative clauses and suggest that word-order repetition is needed for the construction of integrated syntactic representations.