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Toward a mechanistic psychology of dialogue
Traditional mechanistic accounts of language processing derive almost entirely from the study of monologue. Yet, the most natural and basic form of language use is dialogue. As a result, theseExpand
The Representation of Verbs: Evidence from Syntactic Priming in Language Production
Abstract We report five experiments that investigate syntactic priming ( 982592 ) using a written completion task. Experiments 1 and 2 showed that priming occurs if the prime and target containExpand
An integrated theory of language production and comprehension
Abstract Currently, production and comprehension are regarded as quite distinct in accounts of language processing. In rejecting this dichotomy, we instead assert that producing and understanding areExpand
Is Syntax Separate or Shared Between Languages?
Much research in bilingualism has addressed the question of the extent to which lexical information is shared between languages. The present study investigated whether syntactic information is sharedExpand
Why is conversation so easy?
Traditional accounts of language processing suggest that monologue--presenting and listening to speeches--should be more straightforward than dialogue--holding a conversation. This is clearly not theExpand
Structural priming: a critical review.
Repetition is a central phenomenon of behavior, and researchers have made extensive use of it to illuminate psychological functioning. In the language sciences, a ubiquitous form of such repetitionExpand
The use of lexical and syntactic information in language production: Evidence from the priming of noun-phrase structure
Abstract Theories of lexical representation in production provide sophisticated accounts of the way in which information is activated during lexical access (e.g., Levelt, Roelofs, & Meyer, 1999 ),Expand
The representation of lexical and syntactic information in bilinguals: Evidence from syntactic priming
Abstract To what extent do bilinguals have a single, integrated representation of syntactic information? According to Hartsuiker et al. (2004) [Hartsuiker, R. J., Pickering, M. J., & Veltkamp, E.Expand
Plausibility and the Processing of Unbounded Dependencies:An Eye-Tracking Study
Two eye-tracking experiments investigated processing of unbounded dependency constructions. Experiment 1 employed sentences likeThat's the garage/pistol with which the heartless killer shot the manExpand
Syntactic co-ordination in dialogue
There is substantial evidence that speakers co-ordinate their contributions in dialogue. Until now, experimental studies of co-ordination have concentrated on the development of shared strategies forExpand