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Evidence for an excess of B→D*τ(-)ν(τ) decays.
Based on the full BABAR data sample, we report improved measurements of the ratios R(D(*))=B(B[over ¯]→D(*)τ(-)ν[over ¯](τ))/B(B[over ¯]→D(*)ℓ(ℓ)(-)ν[over ¯](ℓ)), where ℓ is either e or μ. TheseExpand
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Search for Invisible Decays of a Dark Photon Produced in e^{+}e^{-} Collisions at BaBar.
We search for single-photon events in 53  fb^{-1} of e^{+}e^{-} collision data collected with the BABAR detector at the PEP-II B-Factory. We look for events with a single high-energy photon and aExpand
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Search for a dark photon in e(+)e(-) collisions at BABAR.
Dark sectors charged under a new Abelian interaction have recently received much attention in the context of dark matter models. These models introduce a light new mediator, the so-called dark photonExpand
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Physics at the CLIC multi-TeV linear collider
This report summarizes a study of the physics potential of the CLIC e + e - linear collider operating at centre-of-mass energies from 1 TeV to 5 TeV with luminosity of the order of 10 35 cm -2 s -1 .Expand
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The BABAR physics book: Physics at an asymmetric $B$ factory
Results of a year-long workshop devoted to a review of the physics opportunities of the BABAR experiment at the PEP-II B Factory, at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center laboratory are presented.
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The International Large Detector: Letter of Intent
The International Large Detector (ILD) is a concept for a detector at the International Linear Collider, ILC. Expand
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Observation of CP violation in the B(0) meson system.
We present an updated measurement of time-dependent CP-violating asymmetries in neutral B decays with the BABAR detector at the PEP-II asymmetric B Factory at SLAC. This result uses an additionalExpand
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Taking the Long Way Home: U.S. Tax Evasion and Offshore Investments in U.S. Equity and Debt Markets
type="main"> We empirically investigate one form of illegal investor-level tax evasion and its effect on foreign portfolio investment. In particular, we examine a form of round-tripping tax evasionExpand
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Searches for Lepton flavor violation in the decays tau{+/-}-->e{+/-}gamma and tau{+/-}-->mu{+/-}gamma.
Searches for lepton-flavor-violating decays of a tau lepton to a lighter mass lepton and a photon have been performed with the entire data set of (963+/-7)x10{6} tau decays collected by the BABARExpand
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