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An introduction to the comparative phonetics of English and French in North America
This textbook is designed to fill two basic needs: for a clear and straightforward presentation of the rudiments of articulatory phonetics and for a simple but reasonably complete overview of the phonetic inventory of North American French.
On the General Properties of Consonant Epenthesis
  • M. Picard
  • Linguistics
    Canadian Journal of Linguistics/Revue canadienne…
  • 1 June 1987
In his study of consonant epenthesis, Wetzels (1985:285-286) recognizes the existence of two distinct types: “one type involves the appearance of an epenthetic consonant inside liquid-final clusters;
Conditions and constraints on syllable division
Attempts to formulate a generalized set of syllabification rules have been made in recent years by Pulgram (1970), Hooper (1972), Kahn (1976), and Kiparsky (1979). These have turned out to be largely
/s/-deletion in Old French and the aftermath of compensatory lengthening
  • M. Picard
  • Linguistics
    Journal of French Language Studies
  • 1 March 2004
It has recently been argued by Gess (2001) that the long vowels resulting from the compensatory lengthening that emerged in the wake of preconsonantal /s/-deletion in Old French had all been
Vowel harmony, centralization, and peripherality: the case of Pasiego
Although many different cases of vowel harmony can be found in the world's languages, there is a general consensus that they can all be classified into three basic types: frontness or palatal
The Lady with Red Shoes
The most exciting event, or at least the most talked about event in Vernal, Utah, that summer, took place in the Hotel Vernal lobby at 2:00 in the morning. As one of two eyewitnesses, I was called