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Transferability of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers developed in guava (Psidium guajava L.) to four Myrtaceae species
Present study demonstrated the cross-genera transferability of 23 simple sequence repeat (SSR) primer pairs developed for guava (Psidium guajava L.) to four new targets, two species of eucalyptsExpand
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Genetic homogeneity of guava plants derived from somatic embryogenesis using SSR and ISSR markers
To evaluate genetic homogeneity of 1-year-old guava (Psidium guajava L.) plants developed from in vitro somatic embryogenesis, DNA from leaf tissues of seven randomly selected plants along with theExpand
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The role of abscisic acid in plant tissue culture: a review of recent progress
Abscisic acid (ABA) plays a significant role in the regulation of many physiological processes of plants. It is often used in tissue culture systems to promote somatic embryogenesis and enhanceExpand
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Micropropagation of Salvadorapersica-a tree of arid horticulture and forestry
A micropropagation method for Jaal (Salvadora persica)—a tree of arid horticulture and forestry has been developed. Nodal segments of fresh shoot sprouts originated from axillary buds obtained from aExpand
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An efficient in vitro regeneration and ex vitro rooting of Ceropegia bulbosa Roxb.—A threatened and pharmaceutical important plant of Indian Thar Desert
Abstract Ceropegia bulbosa Roxb. (family – Asclepiadaceae), a medicinally important plant, is classified as a ‘threatened plant’. An efficient protocol of shoot organogenesis and plant regenerationExpand
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In Vitro Propagation, Encapsulation, and Genetic Fidelity Analysis of Terminalia arjuna: a Cardioprotective Medicinal Tree
The present study described an improved and reproducible in vitro regeneration system for Terminalia arjuna using nodal segment explants obtained from a mature plant. Shoot tips excised from in vitroExpand
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Genetic stability in micropropagated Cleome gynandra revealed by SCoT analysis
A newly developed and novel DNA marker technique, i.e. start codon targeted (SCoT) polymorphic markers that target plant gene regions were used to assess genetic stability of in vitro raised plantsExpand
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An improved micropropagation of Terminalia bellirica from nodal explants of mature tree
An efficient and improved in vitro propagation method has been developed for Terminalia bellirica, a medicinally important tree from nodal explants of 10-year-old mature tree. Shoot multiplicationExpand
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A genetically stable rooting protocol for propagating a threatened medicinal plant—Celastrus paniculatus
Nodal segments, obtained from 12 years-old mature plant, were used as explants for in vitro propagation of Celastrus paniculatus, an important medicinal plant of India. Shoot multiplication wasExpand
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Conservation genetics of endangered medicinal plant Commiphora wightii in Indian Thar Desert.
To ascertain the conservation priorities and strategies for Commiphora wightii, an endangered medicinal plant of Indian Thar Desert, genetic diversity was estimated within and among differentExpand
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