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Notes on the Form of Knowledge in Social Work
The theoretical base of social work appears to have undergone a considerable expansion in recent years. The era of the 'psychiatric deluge" seems to have passed and a concern with sociology, socialExpand
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Delimiting Democratic Accountability
This article discusses the concept of accountability in relation to those holding public office in democratic states. It argues that the concept of accountability requires careful specification andExpand
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Defining Political Corruption
In New South Wales in 1988, after more than 10 years of Labour Party rule, the Liberal±National Party coalition won a majority in the Legislative Assembly following a campaign which stressed theExpand
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Foucault on Power
I 4IHICHEL FOUCAULT'S WORK, his studies of the prison,' of particular criminals and their crimes,2 of the historical roots of sexuality,3 and of a range of social scientific,4 medical, andExpand
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What is to be done? Political theory and political realism
This article argues for greater realism in political theory with respect to judgements about what politicians ought to do and how they ought to act. It shows that there are major problems in deducingExpand
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Realism without Illusions
This essay engages critically with the recent emergence of “political realism” in political theory (centrally in the work of Raymond Geuss and Bernard Williams). While sympathetic to and convinced ofExpand
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Rights of Man, Common Sense, and Other Political Writings
Common Sense American Crisis 1 American Crisis X111 Letters to Jefferson Rights of Man Rights of Man. Part the Second Letter Addressed to the Addressers on the Late Proclamation Dissertation on theExpand
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Conceptualizing Political Corruption
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Realism About Political Corruption
This article explores how realism in political theory can inform our understanding of political corruption. Whereas political moralists see corruption as a problem of implementation, which does notExpand
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