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UK adaptation strategy and technical measures: the impacts of climate change on buildings
This paper discusses the importance of climate change for the UK building stock and reviews the predictions of the United Kingdom Climate Impacts Programme 2002 (UKCIP02) scenarios for the futureExpand
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Moisture measurement in building materials: an overview of current methods and new approaches
The measurement of moisture in building materials has been of importance to building professionals for many years to aid them in diagnosing the nature and cause of building defects. Likewise buildingExpand
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Energy demand prediction through novel random neural network predictor for large non-domestic buildings
This paper presents and evaluates a novel RNN technique which is capable to predict energy utilization for a non-domestic large building comprising of 562 rooms. Expand
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Suitability of time domain reflectometry for monitoring moisture in building materials
Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) has been used since the 1980s for measuring the moisture content of soils. The principle of TDR is based on measuring the reflection time of an electromagnetic signalExpand
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Modelling Contaminant Movement into Simple Cover Systems
Cover systems are the most common form of encapsulation used in the reclamation of contaminated sites. They are particularly suitable for the reclamation of the types of contaminated sites found inExpand
The durability of building materials under a changing climate
Weathering of materials leads to degradation of the fabric of buildings which if left unchecked will lead to an increase in the rate, and possibly severity, of degradation. Adjustments to maintenanceExpand
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Planning for change
Introduction The potential impacts of climate change have emerged as one of the major environmental challenges in the twenty-Ž rst century. The UK, and many other countries, have already begun toExpand
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Support for RPP2 Housing Futures
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The optimisation of a thermal dual probe instrument for the measurement of the moisture content of building envelopes
A thermal dual-probe offers significant potential benefits over existing methods for making moisture measurements in building envelopes. Previous numerical modelling work by the authors has provenExpand
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