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Real-time event-handling and scheduling on a multithreaded Java microcontroller
Abstract Our aim is to investigate the suitability of hardware multithreading for real-time event handling in combination with appropriate real-time scheduling techniques. We designed and evaluated aExpand
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Performance Evaluations and Chip-Space Requirements of a Multithreaded Java Microcontroller
This paper introduces a multithreaded Java processor kernel which is speci cally designed as core processor of a microcontroller or system-on-a-chip. Handling of external real-time events isExpand
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Real-time scheduling on multithreaded processors
This paper investigates real-time scheduling algorithms on upcoming multithreaded processors. As evaluation testbed we introduce a multithreaded processor kernel which is specifically designed asExpand
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A scheduling technique providing a strict isolation of real-time threads
Highly dynamic programming environments for embedded real-time systems require a strict isolation of real-time threads from each other to achieve dependable systems. We propose a new real-timeExpand
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Dynamic real-time reconfiguration on a multithreaded Java-microcontroller
This paper presents an approach for dynamic reconfiguration of an embedded Java system in real-time. A class loader executed as a separate thread on a multithreaded microcontroller loads an updatedExpand
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A method for a comprehensive value stream evaluation
Abstract The optimization of value streams in manufacture will always present alternative solutions to planners as a result of the interdependencies between all the optimization parameters. In theExpand
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A real-time Java system on a multithreaded Java microcontroller
This paper presents a real-time Java hardware and software system for use in embedded applications. The system includes a multithreaded Java microcontroller, an adapted Java Virtual Machine (JVH) andExpand
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Real-Time Garbage Collection for a Multithreaded Java Microcontroller
We envision the upcoming of microcontrollers and systems-on-chip that are based on multithreaded processor kernels due to the fast context switching ability of hardware multithreading. Moreover weExpand
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A microkernel middleware architecture for distributed embedded real-time systems
Today more and more embedded real-time systems are implemented in a distributed way. These distributed embedded systems consist of a few controllers up to several hundreds. Distribution andExpand
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