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Supplemented creatine induces changes in human metabolism of thiocompounds and one- and two-carbon units.
Differences between initial and terminal TDGA levels indicate that creatine affects equilibria of redox processes and Creatinine excretion into urine changed in the dependence on the extent of metabolic disturbances. Expand
PPARA Intron Polymorphism Associated with Power Performance in 30-s Anaerobic Wingate Test
The results indicate that PPARA 7C carriers exhibited higher speed strength measures in WT30 and hypothesize that C allele carriers within the cohort of trained individuals may possess a metabolic advantage towards anaerobic metabolism. Expand
Alcohol consumption as a risk factor for sarcopenia - a meta-analysis
The results of this meta-analysis do not support alcohol consumption as a risk factor for sarcopenia. Expand
Are genes encoding proteoglycans really associated with the risk of anterior cruciate ligament rupture?
Although the study implicated the ACAN and BGN genes (combination of genotype, allele and haplotype) in modulating ACLR susceptibility, several differences were noted with previous published findings. Expand
Assessment of diagnostics tools for sarcopenia severity using the item response theory (IRT)
The results from the IRT model showed that these four methods indicate strong unidimensionality so that they measure the same latent variable, mild sarcopenia by SPPB or hand grip strength, moderate sarc Openia by the EWGSOP algorithm and severe sarcopenian by the calf circumference. Expand
Strengthening the Gluteus Medius Using Various Bodyweight and Resistance Exercises
METHODS of GMed strength assessment are reviewed, exercises that target the GMed based on electronicsOGRAPHY are provided, and how to impose GMED strength enhancement in heavy resistance training programs are presented. Expand
Contribution to explanation of the effect of supplemented creatine in human metabolism.
Abstract Simple voltammetric determination of thiodiglycolic acid (TDGA) offers the possibility to follow individual deviations in metabolism of thiocompounds and one-carbon (1c) and two-carbon (2c)Expand
The effects of resistance training experience on movement characteristics in the bench press exercise
The main finding of this study is that strength training experience has a significant effect on training volume, both in terms of TUT and REP at a specific constant movement tempo. Expand
Systematic review of intra-abdominal and intrathoracic pressures initiated by the Valsalva manoeuvre during high-intensity resistance exercises
The values of IAP and ITP during high-intensity exercise seem to be determined mutually by the position of the human body and the external load. Expand
Association of Elite Sports Status with Gene Variants of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors and Their Transcriptional Coactivator
PPARs can be used for estimating the potential to achieve elite status in human physical performance in strength and power, team, and aerobic sports disciplines and can provide a partial benefit to achieving elite sports status, but does not preclude achieving elite status if they are absent. Expand