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Effects of clogging on stream macroinvertebrates: An experimental approach
The hypothesis that clogging and the accumulation of fine substratum elements strongly affects benthic stream communities strongly affects macroinvertebrates is supported. Expand
Using Maxent to model the historic distributions of stonefly species in Illinois streams: The effects of regularization and threshold selections
Abstract Species distribution model (SDMs) is increasingly used to determine the distribution range of individual species and identify biodiversity hotspots. Of many technical issues, modelExpand
The stonefly fauna of Michigan is updated, increasing the number of species verified from the state to 68, and 25 species that appear to be rare or uncommon and sparsely-distributed are discussed. Expand
Ohio USA stoneflies (Insecta, Plecoptera): species richness estimation, distribution of functional niche traits, drainage affiliations, and relationships to other states
The Ohio assemblage of Ohio stoneflies was assessed from over 4,000 records accumulated from 18 institutions, new collections, and trusted literature sources, finding that many rare species and several high quality stream reaches should be considered for greater protection. Expand
Feeding of Perla grandis nymphs (Plecoptera: Perlidae) in an Apennine first order stream (Rio Berga, NW Italy)
Feeding habits of Perla grandis (Rambur) nymphs have been investigated in the Rio Berga, an Apenninic stream of Northwestern Italy and the existence of an evident trophic selection is detected. Expand
Refugia and Postglacial Expansion of Acroneuria frisoni Stark & Brown (Plecoptera:Perlidae) in North America
Abstract: We used mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I to infer the demographic history of Acroneuria frisoni Stark & Brown, a widespread eastern North American stonefly. We sequenced 1510Expand
Droughts and distribution of hyporheos: perspectives from the Po River (Natural Park of the Po River)
Droughts and distribution of hyporheos: perspectives from the Po River (Natural Park of the Po River) In this study we analysed the role of hyporheic zone as refugium for the benthicExpand