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The International Linear Collider Technical Design Report - Volume 1: Executive Summary
The International Linear Collider Technical Design Report (TDR) describes in four volumes the physics case and the design of a 500 GeV centre-of-mass energy linear electron-positron collider based on
The International Linear Collider Technical Design Report - Volume 2: Physics
Author(s): Baer, Howard; Barklow, Tim; Fujii, Keisuke; Gao, Yuanning; Hoang, Andre; Kanemura, Shinya; List, Jenny; Logan, Heather E; Nomerotski, Andrei; Perelstein, Maxim; Peskin, Michael E; Poschl,
The International Linear Collider Technical Design Report - Volume 4: Detectors
Author(s): Behnke, Ties; Brau, James E; Burrows, Philip N; Fuster, Juan; Peskin, Michael; Stanitzki, Marcel; Sugimoto, Yasuhiro; Yamada, Sakue; Yamamoto, Hitoshi | Abstract: The International Linear
The International Linear Collider: A Global Project
A large, world-wide community of physicists is working to realise an exceptional physics program of energy-frontier, electron-positron collisions with the International Linear Collider (ILC). This
Transmission of supersymmetry breaking from a four-dimensional boundary
In the strong-coupling limit of the heterotic string theory constructed by Ho{hacek r}ava and Witten, an 11-dimensional supergravity theory is coupled to matter multiplets confined to 10-dimensional
Working Group Report: Higgs Boson
This report summarizes the work of the Energy Frontier Higgs Boson working group of the 2013 Community Summer Study (Snowmass). We identify the key elements of a precision Higgs physics program and
Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001
The American particle physics community can look forward to a well-conceived and vital program of experimentation for the next ten years, using both colliders and fixed target beams to study a wide
Simplified Models for LHC New Physics Searches
This document proposes a collection of simplified models relevant to the design of new-physics searches at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the characterization of their results. Both ATLAS and