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Unmasking translucent protein particles by improved micro-flow imaging™ algorithms.
Micro-flow imaging (MFI(™) ) is an increasingly important technique for the characterization of subvisible particles during the development of biopharmaceutical products. Protein particles are highlyExpand
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Case Report: Extreme Levels of Serum S-100B in a Patient with Chronic Subdural Hematoma
The protein S-100B is a biomarker increasingly used within neurosurgery and neurointensive care. As a relatively sensitive, yet unspecific, indicator of CNS pathology, potential sources of error mustExpand
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Heavy meromyosin molecules extending more than 50 nm above adsorbing electronegative surfaces.
In the in vitro motility assay, actin filaments are propelled by surface-adsorbed myosin motors, or rather, myosin motor fragments such as heavy meromyosin (HMM). Recently, efforts have been made toExpand
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Ultrafast molecular motor driven nanoseparation and biosensing.
Portable biosensor systems would benefit from reduced dependency on external power supplies as well as from further miniaturization and increased detection rate. Systems built around self-propelledExpand
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Transportation of Nanoscale Cargoes by Myosin Propelled Actin Filaments
Myosin II propelled actin filaments move ten times faster than kinesin driven microtubules and are thus attractive candidates as cargo-transporting shuttles in motor driven lab-on-a-chip devices. InExpand
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Antibodies Covalently Immobilized on Actin Filaments for Fast Myosin Driven Analyte Transport
Biosensors would benefit from further miniaturization, increased detection rate and independence from external pumps and other bulky equipment. Whereas transportation systems built around molecularExpand
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Nonlinear cross-bridge elasticity and post-power-stroke events in fast skeletal muscle actomyosin.
Generation of force and movement by actomyosin cross-bridges is the molecular basis of muscle contraction, but generally accepted ideas about cross-bridge properties have recently been questioned. OfExpand
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Surface-Controlled Properties of Myosin Studied by Electric Field Modulation.
The efficiency of dynamic nanodevices using surface-immobilized protein molecular motors, which have been proposed for diagnostics, drug discovery, and biocomputation, critically depends on theExpand
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Sensing protein antigen and microvesicle analytes using high-capacity biopolymer nano-carriers.
Lab-on-a-chip systems with molecular motor driven transport of analytes attached to cytoskeletal filament shuttles (actin filaments, microtubules) circumvent challenges with nanoscale liquidExpand
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Analysis of flexural rigidity of actin filaments propelled by surface adsorbed myosin motors
Actin filaments are central components of the cytoskeleton and the contractile machinery of muscle. The filaments are known to exist in a range of conformational states presumably with differentExpand
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