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Religiosity, altruism, and altruistic hypocrisy : Evidence from protestant adolescents
What influence does religion have on altruistic belief and prosocial behavior? This is a question of substantial ethical and religious relevance that currently has no con-sensual answer. We attemptExpand
Feminism and the women’s movement
Gender, Manumission, and the Roman Freedwoman
1. Gender, sexuality, and the standing of female slaves 2. Gender, labor, and the manumission of female slaves 3. The patron-freedwoman relationship in Roman law 4. The patron-freedwoman relationshipExpand
Prisoners of Want: The Experience and Protest of the Unemployed in France, 192145
Preface Introduction The experience of unemployment between the wars Movements of the unemployed in the 1920s Parisian movement of the unemployed, 1930-33 Early regional unemployed movements, 1931-33Expand
The Jarrow Crusade: Protest and Legend
Introduction: Visualizing Labour