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Soft Hair on Black Holes.
This Letter gives an explicit description of soft hair in terms of soft gravitons or photons on the black hole horizon, and shows that complete information about their quantum state is stored on a holographic plate at the future boundary of the horizon.
The first law of thermodynamics for Kerr–anti-de Sitter black holes
We obtain expressions for the mass and angular momenta of rotating black holes in anti-de Sitter backgrounds in four, five and higher dimensions. We verify explicitly that our expressions satisfy the
Superrotation charge and supertranslation hair on black holes
A bstractIt is shown that black hole spacetimes in classical Einstein gravity are characterized by, in addition to their ADM mass M, momentum P→$$ \overrightarrow{P} $$, angular momentum J→$$
Instability of flat space at finite temperature
The instabilities of quantum gravity are investigated using the path-integral formulation of Einstein's theory. A brief review is given of the classical gravitational instabilities, as well as the
Duality invariant actions and generalised geometry
A bstractWe construct the non-linear realisation of the semi-direct product of E11 and its first fundamental representation at lowest order and appropriate to spacetime dimensions four to seven. This