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Phylogeographic analysis of mitochondrial DNA in northern Asian populations.
To elucidate the human colonization process of northern Asia and human dispersals to the Americas, a diverse subset of 71 mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) lineages was chosen for complete genome sequencingExpand
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Origin and Post-Glacial Dispersal of Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups C and D in Northern Asia
More than a half of the northern Asian pool of human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is fragmented into a number of subclades of haplogroups C and D, two of the most frequent haplogroups throughoutExpand
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Complete Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in Iranians
Due to its pivotal geographical location and proximity to transcontinental migratory routes, Iran has played a key role in subsequent migrations, both prehistoric and historic, between Africa, AsiaExpand
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Complex interactions of the Eastern and Western Slavic populations with other European groups as revealed by mitochondrial DNA analysis.
Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation was examined by the control region sequencing (HVS I and HVS II) and RFLP analysis of haplogroup-diagnostic coding region sites in 570 individuals from fourExpand
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The Peopling of Europe from the Mitochondrial Haplogroup U5 Perspective
It is generally accepted that the most ancient European mitochondrial haplogroup, U5, has evolved essentially in Europe. To resolve the phylogeny of this haplogroup, we completely sequenced 113Expand
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The History of Slavs Inferred from Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequences
To shed more light on the processes leading to crystallization of a Slavic identity, we investigated variability of complete mitochondrial genomes belonging to haplogroups H5 and H6 (63 mtDNAExpand
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Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny in Eastern and Western Slavs.
To resolve the phylogeny of certain mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroups in eastern Europe and estimate their evolutionary age, a total of 73 samples representing mitochondrial haplogroups U4, HV*,Expand
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Mitochondrial DNA Variability in the Czech Population, with Application to the Ethnic History of Slavs
ABSTRACT Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variability was studied in a sample of 179 individuals representing the Czech population of Western Bohemia. Sequencing of two hypervariable segments, HVS I and HVSExpand
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Western Eurasian ancestry in modern Siberians based on mitogenomic data
BackgroundAlthough the genetic heritage of aboriginal Siberians is mostly of eastern Asian ancestry, a substantial western Eurasian component is observed in the majority of northern AsianExpand
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Complete Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of Eastern Eurasian Haplogroups Rarely Found in Populations of Northern Asia and Eastern Europe
With the aim of uncovering all of the most basal variation in the northern Asian mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroups, we have analyzed mtDNA control region and coding region sequence variation inExpand
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