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Detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 with langasite pure shear horizontal surface acoustic wave sensors.
The toxigenic Escherichia coli O157:H7 bacterium has been connected with hemorrhagic colitis and hemolytic uremic syndrome, which may be characterized by diarrhea, kidney failure and death. OnExpand
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Comparison of High Temperature Crystal Lattice and Bulk Thermal Expansion Measurements of LGT Single Crystal
Among the langasite family of crystals (LGX), the three most popular materials are langasite (LGS, La3Ga5SiO14), langatate (LGT, La3Ga5.5Ta0.5O14) and langanite (LGN, La3Ga5.5Nb0.5O14). The LGXExpand
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Surface and pseudo surface acoustic waves in langatate: predictions and measurements
Langatate (LGT, La/sub 3/Ga/sub 5.5/Ta/sub 0.5/O/sub 14/) is a recent addition to materials of the trigonal crystal class 32. In this paper SAW contour plots of the phase velocity (v/sub p/), theExpand
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Pure shear horizontal SAW biosensor on langasite
The undetected introduction of pathogens into food or water supplies can produce grave consequences in terms of economic loss and human suffering. Sensitive and selective sensors capable of quicklyExpand
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A lateral field excited liquid acoustic wave sensor
Lateral field excited (LFE) AT-cut quartz acoustic wave sensors in which the electrodes are located on the reference surface have been fabricated and tested in liquid environments. The sensingExpand
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Recent advances in harsh environment acoustic wave sensors for contemporary applications
There is a significant need for wireless sensor systems capable of operation up to 1100°C and beyond, in abrasive or corrosive harsh environments, in particular for the energy, steel, aerospace, oilExpand
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Wireless acoustic wave sensors and systems for harsh environment applications
This paper reviews current progress in the area of wireless microwave acoustic sensor technology, and discusses advances in wireless interrogation systems that can operate in harsh environments. TheExpand
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Stable electrodes and ultrathin passivation coatings for high temperature sensors in harsh environments
Sensor operation in harsh environments up to 1000degC requires robust packages including stable electrodes and protective coatings. We have developed nanostructured ultra-thin (< 100 nm) Pt-10%Rh /Expand
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LGX pure shear horizontal SAW for liquid sensor applications
Reports theoretical and experimental properties of the shear horizontal (SH) mode for the LGX family of crystals, which includes langasite (LGS), langanite (LGN), and langatate (LGT). These crystalsExpand
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High coupling, zero TCD SH wave on LGX
This paper reports predicted and measured properties of the pure shear horizontal (SH) mode for the LGX family of crystals, which includes langasite (LGS), langanite (LGN), and langatate (LGT). OurExpand
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