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The dynamics of human gait
We analyse the dynamics of human gait with simple nonlinear time series analysis methods that are appropriate for undergraduate courses. We show that short continuous recordings of the humanExpand
Coevolutionary Games - A Mini Review
Evolutionary game theory provides a competent theoretical framework for addressing the subtleties of cooperation in such situations, which are known as social dilemmas. Expand
Social diversity and promotion of cooperation in the spatial prisoner's dilemma game.
  • M. Perc, A. Szolnoki
  • Economics, Physics
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 13 August 2007
The diversity in wealth and social status is present not only among humans, but throughout the animal world. We account for this observation by generating random variables that determine the socialExpand
Detecting chaos from a time series
The chaotic behaviour of a driven resonant circuit is studied directly from the experimental data. We use basic nonlinear time series analysis methods that are appropriate for undergraduate courses.Expand
Evolutionary dynamics of group interactions on structured populations: a review
We review recent advances in the study of evolutionary dynamics of group interactions on top of structured populations, including lattices, complex networks and coevolutionary models, using statistical physics, network science and evolutionary game theory. Expand
Statistical Physics of Human Cooperation
We review experimental and theoretical research that advances our understanding of human cooperation, focusing on spatial pattern formation, on the spatiotemporal dynamics of observed solutions, and on self-organization that may either promote or hinder socially favorable states. Expand
Evolutionary Establishment of Moral and Double Moral Standards through Spatial Interactions
We simulate the public goods game with costly punishment with an evolutionary game theoretical approach as it has been successfully used to explain the behavior of other biological species many times. Expand
Growth and structure of Slovenia's scientific collaboration network
  • M. Perc
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • J. Informetrics
  • 27 April 2010
We study Slovenia’s scientific collaboration network from 1960 till present with a yearly resolution. Expand
Synchronous Bursts on Scale-Free Neuronal Networks with Attractive and Repulsive Coupling
  • Qingyun Wang, G. Chen, M. Perc
  • Physics, Biology
  • PloS one
  • 29 November 2010
This paper investigates the dependence of synchronization transitions of bursting oscillations on the information transmission delay over scale-free neuronal networks with attractive and repulsiveExpand
Reward and Cooperation in the Spatial Public Goods Game
We study the evolution of cooperation in the spatial public goods game, where besides the traditional cooperators and defectors, rewarding cooperators supplement the array of possible strategies. Expand