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Identification of the gregarization-associated dark-pigmentotropin in locusts through an albino mutant.
Results show that even in isolated (solitary) nymphs, [His7] corazonin induces gregarious black patterns, and its primary structure shows some similarity with the vertebrate melanophore stimulating hormone.
Environmental cues, endocrine factors, and reproductive diapause in male insects.
  • M. Pener
  • Biology
    Chronobiology international
  • 1 April 1992
Environmental cues, mostly photoperiod and temperature, mediated by effects on the neuroendocrine system, control reproductive diapause in female insects, which has two major adaptive functions: It improves chances of survival during unfavorable season(s) and it confines oviposition to that period of the year that is optimal for survival of the eggs and progeny.
Allergy to Crickets: A Review
  • M. Pener
  • Art
    Journal of Orthoptera Research
  • 21 December 2016
Abstract Cricket allergy is less severe and less common than allergy to locusts and grasshoppers. A partial cross-reactivity exists between cricket and grasshopper allergens. Cricket allergens are