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Modificazioni anatomo-funzionali del ventricolo destro nell'atleta.
The data showed that the right ventricle presents morphological adaptations to endurance exercise; modification is represented mainly by an increase in the mean transversal ventricular diameter with a consequent reduction in the transversals/longitudinal diameter ratio accompanied by modification of the ventricular geometry. Expand
Determinazione incruenta della soglia anaerobia: validazione di un metodo automatico computerizzato.
The Authors propose a computerized method in order to automatically detect the anaerobic threshold by the analysis of ventilatory parameters (VE, VO2) and studied the method repeatability in 20 men who performed 2 ergospirometric tests on separate days. Expand
L. Boltzmann alla nascita della meccanica statistica
The celebrated papers giving rise to statistical mechanics that L. Boltzmann wrote between 1868 and 1877, are based on two fundamental presuppositions: first, statistical mechanics is a probabilisticExpand
Giochi, Scommesse sulla Vita, Tabelle di Mortalità: Nascita del Calcolo Probabilistico, Statistica e Teoria delle Popolazioni
The authors review the work of Huygens, de Witt, Graunt, and others concerning the effects of chance on human life events. Topics considered include duration of life and annuity income, mortalityExpand
Appropriatezza dell'esame ecocardiografico e definizione delle classi di priorità: una proposta della Società Italiana di Ecografia Cardiovascolare
The aim of this document is to implement appropriateness in echocardiography for the study and follow-up of cardiovascular diseases, and to optimize demand on the basis of clinical priority classification criteria outlined by the scientific societies and used by the National Health Service. Expand