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Spatial synchrony, that is, correlated population fluctuation over wide geo- graphical areas, has been detected in diverse taxa and over various geographical scales. The most commonly suggestedExpand
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Dissecting components of population‐level variation in seed production and the evolution of masting behavior
Koenig, W. D., Kelly, D., Sork, V. L., Duncan, R. P., Elkinton, J. S., Peltonen, M. S. and Westfall, R. D. 2003. Dissecting components of population-level variation in seed production and theExpand
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Waves of Larch Budmoth Outbreaks in the European Alps
Spatially extended population models predict complex spatiotemporal patterns, such as spiral waves and spatial chaos, as a result of the reaction-diffusion dynamics that arise from trophicExpand
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Within-population spatial synchrony in mast seeding of North American oaks
Mast seeding, the synchronous production of large crops of seeds, has been frequently documented in oak species. In this study we used several North American oak data-sets to quantify within-stand (<Expand
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Incidence of Xylechinus pilosus and Cryphalus saltuarius (Scolytidae) in forest-clearcut edges
The incidence of two bark beetle species, Xylechinus pilosus (Ratzeburg) and Cryphalus saltuarius Weise, in forest-clearcut edges was studied using 100-m sample plot transects perpendicular to theExpand
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Weldability of high-strength steels using conventional welding methods
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Windthrows and Dead-standing Trees as Bark Beetle Breeding Material at Forest-clearcut Edge
Abstract The spatial distribution of windthrows and dead-standing trees as well as the occurrence of two bark beetle species, Ips typographus and Tomicus piniperda, were studied at forest-clearcutExpand
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Attack density and breeding success of bark beetles (Coleoptera, Scolytidae) at different distances from forest‐clearcut edge
1 Attack density and breeding success of bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) and the abundance of their predators were studied at forest‐clearcut edges in southern Finland on Norway spruce, PiceaExpand
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Bark beetle diversity at different spatial scales
To determine how the scale of observation affects ecological patterns we studied bark beetle (Coleoptera, Scolytidae) diversity in southern Finland. A block covering 160 × 160 m of a forest wasExpand
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