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A system for traffic sign detection, tracking, and recognition using color, shape, and motion information
This paper describes a computer vision based system for real-time robust traffic sign detection, tracking, and recognition. Such a framework is of major interest for driver assistance in anExpand
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EMS-Vision: a perceptual system for autonomous vehicles
The paper gives a survey on the new Expectation-based Multifocal Saccadic vision (EMS-vision) system for autonomous vehicle guidance developed at the Universitat der Bundeswehr Munchen (UBM). Expand
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Behavior decision in autonomous vehicles
The EMS-Vision system of UBM for autonomous vehicles is realized as distributed system. Expand
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Interaction of perception and gaze control in autonomous vehicles
For robust and secure behavior in natural environment an autonomous vehicle needs an elaborate vision sensor as main source of information. The vision sensor must be adaptable to the externalExpand
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Reliable Detection of Overtaking Vehicles Using Robust Information Fusion
We have proposed a robust detection method for overtakingvehicle detection, which integrates dynamic scene modeling, hypothesis testing, and robust information fusion. Expand
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EMS-vision: gaze control in autonomous vehicles
The paper describes an approach to an optimal gaze control system for autonomous vehicles. This gaze control system should not only determine the viewing direction ad hoc for the present moment, butExpand
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An integrated framework of vision-based vehicle detection with knowledge fusion
This paper describes an integrated framework of on-road vehicle detection through knowledge fusion. In contrast to appearance-based detectors that make instant decisions, the proposed detectionExpand
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Treatment of Patients with Cerebral Sinus and Vein Thrombosis with Heparin
Cerebral sinus vein thrombosis (CSVT) is a possibly fatal disease and demands effective treatment. There are, however, no controlled clinical trials. Treatment recommendations are based onExpand
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Three-Dimensional CMOS Image Sensor for Pedestrian Protection and Collision Mitigation
We develop a pulsed laser based time of flight range sensor in fully solid-state microsystems technology for more reliable detection and classification of road users, vehicles and traffic obstacles. Expand
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[Comparative double-blind study of the effectiveness and tolerance of baclofen, tetrazepam and tizanidine in spastic movement disorders of the lower extremities].
In a double-blind comparative study, the therapeutic efficacy and safety of three centrally effective antispasmodics (Tetrazepam, Baclofen and Tizanidine) in patients suffering from multipleExpand
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