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GLIF3: a representation format for sharable computer-interpretable clinical practice guidelines
The Guideline Interchange Format (GLIF) is a model for representation of sharable computer-interpretable guidelines. The current version of GLIF (GLIF3) is a substantial update and enhancement of theExpand
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Research Paper: Comparing Computer-interpretable Guideline Models: A Case-study Approach
OBJECTIVES Many groups are developing computer-interpretable clinical guidelines (CIGs) for use during clinical encounters. CIGs use "Task-Network Models" for representation but differ in theirExpand
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Computer-interpretable clinical guidelines: A methodological review
  • M. Peleg
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • J. Biomed. Informatics
  • 1 August 2013
Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) aim to improve the quality of care, reduce unjustified practice variations and reduce healthcare costs. In order for them to be effective, clinical guidelines needExpand
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GLIF3: the evolution of a guideline representation format
The Guideline Interchange Format (GLIF) is a language for structured representation of guidelines. It was developed to facilitate sharing clinical guidelines. GLIF version 2 enabled modeling aExpand
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Representation primitives, process models and patient data in computer-interpretable clinical practice guidelines: : A literature review of guideline representation models
Representation of clinical practice guidelines in a computer-interpretable format is a critical issue for guideline development, implementation, and evaluation. We studied 11 types of guidelineExpand
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Decision support, knowledge representation and management in medicine.
  • M. Peleg, S. Tu
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Yearbook of medical informatics
  • 1 August 2006
OBJECTIVES Clinical decision-support systems (CDSSs) are being recognized as important tools for improving quality of care. In this paper, we review the literature to find trends in CDSSs that wereExpand
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Design and implementation of the GLIF3 guideline execution engine
We have developed the GLIF3 Guideline Execution Engine (GLEE) as a tool for executing guidelines encoded in the GLIF3 format. In addition to serving as an interface to the GLIF3 guidelineExpand
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A pattern-based analysis of clinical computer-interpretable guideline modelling languages
In this paper we evaluate clinical guidelines modelling languages using the Workflow Patterns as an analysis framework. The analysis provided for clinical guidelines aims at an unbiased andExpand
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Sharable Representation of Clinical Guidelines in GLIF: Relationship to the Arden Syntax
Clinical guidelines are intended to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of patient care. Integration of guidelines into electronic medical records and order-entry systems, in a way thatExpand
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Assessment of a personalized and distributed patient guidance system
OBJECTIVES The MobiGuide project aimed to establish a ubiquitous, user-friendly, patient-centered mobile decision-support system for patients and for their care providers, based on the continuousExpand
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