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Using multivariate analysis on multielemental data.
In the search for correlation between elements or among the analyzed samples, much time and effort can be devoted to the examination of multielemental data when the elements are taken two at a time,Expand
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Ordination Versus Clustering of Elemental Data from PIXE Analysis of Herder–Hunter Pottery: a Comparison
Three ordination methods and three clustering methods were compared, using the same data from proton induced X-ray emission (PIXE) analysis of two visually distinct pottery types found in the sameExpand
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Characterization of the "border zone" in acute regional ischemia in the dog.
Abstract A biopsy instrument with multiple drill heads was used to retrieve simultaneously, and freeze within seconds, 29 individual transmural tissue samples from the left ventricular wall of theExpand
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Verapamil and tiapamil in prevention of ventricular fibrillation in pigs with coronary ligation. Comparative effects on left ventricular function.
Antiarrhythmic and hemodynamic effects of the calcium channel antagonist verapamil were compared with those of tiapamil, a congener, in open-chest pigs with anterior descending coronary arteryExpand
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Activation Cross Sections for Deuteron-Induced Reactions on some Elements of the First Transition Series, up to 5.5 MeV
Mittels eines Van-de-GraafF-Generators wurde mit Deuteronen von maximal 5,5 MeV eine Deuteronenaktivierung durchgeführt. Die absoluten Wirkungsquerschnitte wurden mit Hilfe von Gammaspektroskopie anExpand
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Correspondence analysis and its application in multielemental trace analysis
L'analyse correspondance est une technique de projection graphique qui presente certains avantages par rapport aux techniques classiques d'analyse de donnees. L'algorithme correspondant peut etreExpand
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The application of a combined PIXE and XRD approach to the analysis of human stones
Abstract In an attempt to establish a powerful methodology for the analysis of human stones, a combined PIXE and XRD approach was implemented. Stones, cut with Ti blades, were scanned using 4 MeVExpand
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Elemental Analysis by Particle Accelerators
Instrumentation, Particle Accelerators, and Particle and Radiation Detection (G. Shani). Charged-Particle (Activation) Analysis (J.P.F. Sellschop and H.J. Annegarn). Radiochemical Activation AnalysisExpand
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A survey of the analytical significance of prompt gamma-rays induced by 5 MeV alpha-particles
Alpha induced prompt gamma-rays generated by excitation, or in nuclear reactions, were studied for 56 elements to select those elements having gamma-rays of sufficient intensity for analyticalExpand
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Elemental study by PIXE, of nutrient elements in apples during their growth period
Abstract Thin sections from Golden Delicious apples were analysed by PIXE using 1.5 MeV protons to determine Mg, P, S, Cl, K and Ca in samples taken at five stages during the growth cycle of theExpand
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