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Prognostics and health management of electronics
  • N. Vichare, M. Pecht
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging…
  • 2 September 2008
This paper presents the state of practice and the current state-of-research in the area of electronics prognostics and health management, and four current approaches include built-in-test, use of fuses and canary devices, monitoring and reasoning of failure precursors, and modeling accumulated damage based on measured life-cycle loads. Expand
Prognostics of lithium-ion batteries based on DempsterShafer theory and the Bayesian Monte Carlo me
An empirical model based on the physical degradation behavior of lithium-ion batteries is developed and the accuracy of the model in predicting RUL improves. Expand
Motor Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Trace Ratio Linear Discriminant Analysis
Comparisons with other conventional methods, such as principal component analysis, local preserving projection, canonical correction analysis, maximum margin criterion, LDA, and marginal Fisher analysis, show the superiority of TR-LDA in fault diagnosis. Expand
Enhanced Reliability Modeling of RAID Storage Systems
  • J. Elerath, M. Pecht
  • Computer Science
  • 37th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on…
  • 25 June 2007
A flexible model for estimating reliability of RAID storage systems is presented. This model corrects errors associated with the common assumption that system times to failure follow a homogeneousExpand
State of charge estimation of lithium-ion batteries using the open-circuit voltage at various ambient temperatures
Ambient temperature is a significant factor that influences the accuracy of battery SOC estimation, which is critical for remaining driving range prediction of electric vehicles (EVs) and optimalExpand
Degradation Data Analysis Using Wiener Processes With Measurement Errors
To capture the possible heterogeneity in a population, a mixed effects model with measurement errors is developed that subsumes several existing Wiener processes as its limiting cases, and thus it is useful for suggesting an appropriate Wiener process model for a specific dataset. Expand
Light emitting diodes reliability review
This paper provides the groundwork for an understanding of the reliability issues of LEDs across the supply chain and identifies the relationships between failure causes and their associated mechanisms, issues in thermal standardization, and critical areas of investigation and development in LED technology and reliability. Expand
Prognostics for state of health estimation of lithium-ion batteries based on combination Gaussian process functional regression
An improved GPR method is utilized—combination Gaussian Process Functional Regression (GPFR)—to capture the actual trend of SOH, including global capacity degradation and local regeneration, and results confirm that the proposed method can be effectively applied to lithium-ion battery monitoring and prognostics by quantitative comparison with the other GPR and GPFR models. Expand
Battery Management Systems in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
The battery management system (BMS) is a critical component of electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The purpose of the BMS is to guarantee safe and reliable battery operation. To maintain theExpand
Electronic part life cycle concepts and obsolescence forecasting
Obsolescence of electronic parts is a major contributor to the life cycle cost of long-field life systems such as avionics. A methodology to forecast life cycles of electronic parts is presented, inExpand