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Human SIR2 deacetylates p53 and antagonizes PML/p53‐induced cellular senescence
The yeast Sir2 protein mediates chromatin silencing through an intrinsic NAD‐dependent histone deacetylase activity. Sir2 is a conserved protein and was recently shown to regulate lifespan extensionExpand
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Deconstructing PML‐induced premature senescence
In this study, we investigated the subcellular and molecular mechanisms underlying promyelocytic leu kemia (PML)‐induced premature senescence. We demonstrate that intact PML nuclear bodies are notExpand
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Handling Qualitative Data: A Practical Guide
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A good time for making work pay? Taking stock of in-work benefits and related measures across the OECD
The twin problem of in-work poverty and persistent labour market difficulties of low-skilled individuals has been one of the most important drivers of tax-benefit policy reforms in OECD countries inExpand
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Developing vaccines to combat hookworm infection and intestinal schistosomiasis
Hookworm infection and schistosomiasis rank among the most important health problems in developing countries. Both cause anaemia and malnutrition, and schistosomiasis also results in substantialExpand
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PML NBs associate with the hMre11 complex and p53 at sites of irradiation induced DNA damage
PML nuclear bodies (PML NBs) respond to many cellular stresses including viral infection, heat shock, arsenic and oncogenes and have been implicated in the regulation of p53-dependent replicativeExpand
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On the analysis of prosodic turn-taking cues
When a conversation breaks down, the problem can often be traced to a failure in the turn-taking procedure, i.e. the smooth interchange of speaking turns between conversational partners. For aExpand
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Income Distribution and Poverty in the OECD Area: Trends and Driving Forces
This article uses internationally-comparable data on the distribution of income across households to identify some well-founded facts to replace the conjecture and supposition which too oftenExpand
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Heligmosomoides polygyrus Elicits a Dominant Nonprotective Antibody Response Directed against Restricted Glycan and Peptide Epitopes
Heligmosomoides polygyrus is a widely used gastrointestinal helminth model of long-term chronic infection in mice, which has not been well-characterized at the antigenic level. We now identify theExpand
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Neglected Tropical Diseases of Oceania: Review of Their Prevalence, Distribution, and Opportunities for Control
Among Oceania's population of 35 million people, the greatest number living in poverty currently live in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands. These impoverished populationsExpand
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