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The Third Way Epistemology: A Re-characterization of Poincaré’s Conventionalism
The aim of this paper is to clarify some crucial aspects of Poincare ’s philosophy of science, and especially the notion of ‘convention ’. This will lead to a better understanding of the differingExpand
Central Mexican Indigenous Coats of Arms and the Conquest of Mesoamerica
In this essay, I will discuss certain coats of arms that the Spanish Crown granted to some of the major central Mexican towns and their rulers for taking part in the conquests of Mexico; these townsExpand
Poincaré’s Classification of Hypotheses and Their Role in Natural Science
In the introduction to his famous book, La Science et l’hypothese, Poincare remarks on the necessary role and legitimacy of hypotheses. He establishes a triple classification of hypotheses, dividingExpand
Poincaré, philosopher of science : problems and perspectives
Preface.- Introduction Robert DiSalle and Maria de Paz.- Part I Poincare's Philosophy of Science.- 1 Portrait of Henri Poincare as a young philosopher: the formative years (1860-1873) LaurentExpand
Leaps of the chain of m-integrable derivations in the sense of Hasse-Schmidt
Let k be a commutative ring. The modules of m-integrable k-derivations (in the sense of Hasse-Schmidt) of a commutative k-algebra form a decreasing chain whose inclusions could be strict. We say thatExpand
From Gauss to Riemann Through Jacobi: Interactions Between the Epistemologies of Geometry and Mechanics?
The aim of this paper is to argue that there existed relevant interactions between mechanics and geometry during the first half of the nineteenth century, following a path that goes from Gauss toExpand