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Overlapping confidence intervals or standard error intervals: What do they mean in terms of statistical significance?
The procedure of checking for overlap between confidence intervals or standard error intervals to draw conclusions regarding hypotheses about differences between population parameters is investigated and recommendations for their use in situations in which standard tests of hypotheses do not exist are made.
Identifying key cereal aphid predators by molecular gut analysis
PCR is superior to monoclonal antibody technology, giving comparable detectability half‐lives with lower expense, much shorter development times, and greater certainty of a successful outcome, for species‐specific predator gut analysis.
Prevalence of intestinal parasites in pet dogs in the United States.
  • S. Little, Eileen M Johnson, +8 authors D. Aucoin
  • Biology, Medicine
    Veterinary parasitology
  • 3 December 2009
Data indicate that intestinal parasites remain a common, important finding in dogs presenting to veterinary practices although in most of the country infection rates in pet dogs appear to be greatly reduced from the level reported from dogs in animal shelters.
Testing statistical hypotheses using standard error bars and confidence intervals
Abstract When agricultural researchers construct figures or graphs displaying sample means from an experiment, a popular technique to display the relative variation is to include standard error bars.
Contrasting Diversity Values: Statistical Inferences Based on Overlapping Confidence Intervals
This study simulated the behavior of asymmetric log-normal confidence intervals and determined an interval level that mimics statistical tests with P(α) = 0.05 when confidence intervals from two distributions do not overlap, showing that 84% confidence intervals robustly mimic 0.05 statistical tests for asymmetric confidence intervals.
Feeding mode and prey detectability half-lives in molecular gut-content analysis: an example with two predators of the Colorado potato beetle
The difference in the prey DNA half-lives from these two predators underscores the need to determine detectabilities from assemblages of predators differing in feeding mode and digestive physiology, in order to weight positives properly, and hence determine the predators' relative impacts on prey population suppression.
Path and Multiple Regression Analyses of Phosphorus Sorption Capacity
Soil P saturation indices and P Langmuir adsorption maximum (S max ) are two environmental soil tests that provide valuable information for the proper management P in soils to avoid the
Ovarian and endocrine characteristics during an estrous cycle in Angus, Brahman, and Senepol cows in a subtropical environment.
Brahman (Bos indicus) and Senepol cows (tropical Bos taurus) had greater numbers of follicles in all size categories and greater diameter of CL than Angus (temperate BosTaurus) cows.
The Potato Virus X TGBp2 Movement Protein Associates with Endoplasmic Reticulum-Derived Vesicles during Virus Infection1
A model in which reorganization of the ER and increased protein degradation is linked to plasmodesmata gating is proposed, which may account for the cytosolic and nuclear fluorescence during late stages of infection.
Evaluation of health status of calves and the impact on feedlot performance: assessment of a retained ownership program for postweaning calves.
Evaluating animal health status at entry to a feedlot against feedlot performance and carcass value found that herd morbidity rate and treatment costs were more related to appropriate timing of vaccine or lack of a 2nd dose of killed vaccine.