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Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Microspheres Containing Photoswitchable Spiropyran-Based Binding Sites
A versatile approach for the preparation of photoswitchable molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) is proposed where the selective recognition and the photoresponsive function are assumed by twoExpand
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A label-free potentiometric sensor principle for the detection of antibody-antigen interactions.
We report here on a new potentiometric biosensing principle for the detection of antibody-antigen interactions at the sensing membrane surface without the need to add a label or a reporter ion to theExpand
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Photoresponsive Ion Extraction/Release Systems: Dynamic Ion Optodes for Calcium and Sodium Based on Photochromic Spiropyran
Photoresponsive ion extraction/release systems (PRIONERS) represent a highly interesting tool for the localized and time-controlled chemical perturbation of biological materials. We report here onExpand
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Coulometric sodium chloride removal system with Nafion membrane for seawater sample treatment.
Seawater analysis is one of the most challenging in the field of environmental monitoring, mainly due to disparate concentration levels between the analyte and the salt matrix causing interferencesExpand
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Concanavalin A electrochemical sensor based on the surface blocking principle at an ion-selective polymeric membrane
AbstractWe report on a new electrochemical sensor for Concanavalin A. It is based on blocking the surface of plasticized PVC membranes that were covalently modified with D-mannose using clickExpand
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Pulsed chronopotentiometric membrane electrodes based on plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) with covalently bound ferrocene functionalities as solid contact transducer
Ion-selective membrane materials based on poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC)-containing covalently attached redox-active ferrocene (Fc) groups are characterized here as all-solid-state pulsed voltammetricExpand
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Direct optical carbon dioxide sensing based on a polymeric film doped with a selective molecular tweezer-type ionophore.
A novel optical method for the determination of CO(2) concentration in aqueous and gaseous samples of plasticized PVC film is presented. The detection principle makes use of a direct molecularExpand
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Ferrocene bound poly(vinyl chloride) as ion to electron transducer in electrochemical ion sensors.
We report here on the synthesis of poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) covalently modified with ferrocene groups (FcPVC) and the electrochemical behavior of the resulting polymeric membranes in view ofExpand
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Chronopotentiometric carbonate detection with all-solid-state ionophore-based electrodes.
We present here for the first time an all-solid-state chronopotentiometric ion sensing system based on selective ionophores, specifically for the carbonate anion. A chronopotentiometric readout isExpand
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"Unclosed cryptands": a point of departure for developing potent neutral anion receptors.
Six macrocyclic lariat-type compounds, representing a new class of anion receptors, were synthesized in a simple approach. We identified the optimal macroring size and the position of the hydrogenExpand
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