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Cell-wall carbohydrates and their modification as a resource for biofuels.
Plant cell walls represent the most abundant renewable resource on this planet. Despite their great abundance, only 2% of this resource is currently used by humans. Hence, research into theExpand
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Disrupting Two Arabidopsis thaliana Xylosyltransferase Genes Results in Plants Deficient in Xyloglucan, a Major Primary Cell Wall Component[W][OA]
Xyloglucans are the main hemicellulosic polysaccharides found in the primary cell walls of dicots and nongraminaceous monocots, where they are thought to interact with cellulose to form aExpand
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The Transcription Factor WIN1/SHN1 Regulates Cutin Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana[W]
The composition and permeability of the cuticle has a large influence on its ability to protect the plant against various forms of biotic and abiotic stress. WAX INDUCER1 (WIN1) and relatedExpand
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ARABINAN DEFICIENT 1 Is a Putative Arabinosyltransferase Involved in Biosynthesis of Pectic Arabinan in Arabidopsis1[W]
The function of a putative glycosyltransferase (At2g35100) was investigated in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana). The protein is predicted to be a type 2 membrane protein with a signal anchor. TwoExpand
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Comparative deep transcriptional profiling of four developing oilseeds
Transcriptome analysis based on deep expressed sequence tag (EST) sequencing allows quantitative comparisons of gene expression across multiple species. Using pyrosequencing, we generated over 7Expand
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O-Acetylation of Plant Cell Wall Polysaccharides
Plant cell walls are composed of structurally diverse polymers, many of which are O-acetylated. How plants O-acetylate wall polymers and what its function is remained elusive until recently, when twoExpand
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An Arabidopsis Gene Regulatory Network for Secondary Cell Wall Synthesis
The plant cell wall is an important factor for determining cell shape, function and response to the environment. Secondary cell walls, such as those found in xylem, are composed of cellulose,Expand
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A cascade of arabinosyltransferases controls shoot meristem size in tomato
Shoot meristems of plants are composed of stem cells that are continuously replenished through a classical feedback circuit involving the homeobox WUSCHEL (WUS) gene and the CLAVATA (CLV) geneExpand
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Overexpression of Pectin Methylesterase Inhibitors in Arabidopsis Restricts Fungal Infection by Botrytis cinerea1[C][W]
Pectin, one of the main components of plant cell wall, is secreted in a highly methylesterified form and is demethylesterified in muro by pectin methylesterase (PME). The action of PME is importantExpand
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Comprehensive Compositional Analysis of Plant Cell Walls (Lignocellulosic biomass) Part II: Carbohydrates
The need for renewable, carbon neutral, and sustainable raw materials for industry and society has become one of the most pressing issues for the 21st century. This has rekindled interest in the useExpand
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