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Climate Capitalism: Global Warming and the Transformation of the Global Economy
Confronting climate change is now understood as a problem of 'decarbonising' the global economy: ending our dependence on carbon-based fossil fuels. This book explores whether such a transformation
Automobile Politics: Ecology and Cultural Political Economy
1. Introduction: (auto)mobility, ecology, and global politics 2. Automobility and its discontents 3. Don't stop movin': the pro-car backlash 4. Automobile political economy 5. The car's cultural
Transnational Climate Change Governance
The world of climate politics is increasingly no longer confined to the activities of national governments and international negotiations. Critical to this transformation of the politics of climate
My Space: Governing Individuals' Carbon Emissions
This paper examines the recent growth in projects designed to enable individuals to ‘do their bit’ in the struggle to limit climate change. It discusses them in relation to a long-standing critique
A climate for business: global warming, the state and capital
This article challenges accounts of global environmental politics which come from a liberal institutionalist position and focus on the development of international regimes. We argue that a
Legitimation and Accumulation in Climate Change Governance
Recent debates have drawn attention to the legitimacy challenges faced by new forms of global governance. Privatised governance in particular has come under considerable scrutiny. This paper attempts
Cultural Political Economy
Introduction: Understanding Cultural Political Economy Jacqueline Best and Matthew Paterson Part 1: Interrogating the Classics 1. Undressing the Wound of Wealth: Political Economy as a Cultural