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CowLog: Open-source software for coding behaviors from digital video
We have developed CowLog, which is open-source software for recording behaviors from digital video and is easy to use and modify. CowLog tracks the time code from digital video files. The program isExpand
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Detection of clinical mastitis with the help of a thermal camera.
Increasing dairy farm size and increase in automation in livestock production require that new methods are used to monitor animal health. In this study, a thermal camera was tested for its capacityExpand
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Impact of acute clinical mastitis on cow behaviour
Abstract Acute mastitis is one of the most common diseases of high-producing dairy cows. However, there is still lack of knowledge on which precise behaviours change first at the beginning of acuteExpand
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A probabilistic neural network model for lameness detection.
A 4-balance system for measuring the leg-load distribution of dairy cows during milking to detect lameness was developed. Leg weights of 73 cows were successfully recorded during almost 10,000Expand
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Measures of weight distribution of dairy cows to detect lameness and the presence of hoof lesions.
There is increasing interest in automated methods of detecting lame cows. Hoof lesion data and measures of weight distribution from 61 lactating cows were examined in this study. Lame cows wereExpand
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Short communication: Lameness impairs feeding behavior of dairy cows.
The automated, reliable, and early detection of lameness is an important aim for the future development of modern dairy operations. One promising indicator of lameness is a change in the feedingExpand
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Lameness Detection in Dairy Cows: Part 2. Use of Sensors to Automatically Register Changes in Locomotion or Behavior
Simple Summary As lame cows produce less milk and tendto have other health problems, finding and treating lame cows is very importantfor farmers. Sensors that measure behaviors associated withExpand
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Lameness Detection in Dairy Cows: Part 1. How to Distinguish between Non-Lame and Lame Cows Based on Differences in Locomotion or Behavior
Simple Summary Scoring cattle for lameness based on changes in locomotion or behavior is essential for farmers to find and treat their lame animals. This review discusses the normal locomotion ofExpand
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Smart Animal Agriculture: Application of Real-Time Sensors to Improve Animal Well-Being and Production.
Consumption of animal products such as meat, milk, and eggs in first-world countries has leveled off, but it is rising precipitously in developing countries. Agriculture will have to increase itsExpand
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CowLog - cross-platform application for coding behaviours from video
CowLog is a cross-platform application to code behaviours from video recordings for use in behavioural research. The software has been used in several studies e.g. to study sleep in dairy calves,Expand
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