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Release of neurotransmitters from rat brain nerve terminals after chronic ethanol ingestion: differential effects in cortex and hippocampus
It can be concluded that at presynaptic level chronic ethanol alters brain neurotransmitter systems selectively and glutamatergic and noradrenergic nerve terminals from cortex are more vulnerable than those from hippocampus. Expand
FA-70, a novel selective and irreversible monoamine oxidase-A inhibitor: effect on monoamine metabolism in mouse cerebral cortex.
The ex vivo effect of FA70 on dopamine content was correlated with the activation effect on tyrosine hydroxylase activity, the enzyme responsible for the regulation of the limiting step in catecholamine synthesis. Expand
Neuroprotective aspects of a novel MAO-B inhibitor PF9601N.
PF9601N is an acetylenic tryptamine derivative devoid of amphetamine-like properties, that behaves as suicide MAO-B inhibitor more potent than l-deprenyl and shows in vitro antioxidant properties by inhibiting the dopamine autoxidation. Expand
Separation and quantification of histamine and N tau-methylhistamine in brain extracts.
The concentrations of histamine and N tau-methylhistamine in brain from seven-day-old rats were found to be very similar to those obtained by other analytical procedures. Expand
Involvement of Ca2+ in dopamine release in striatal rat slices by PF9601N and L-deprenyl.
Rat striatal slices were incubated in Krebs buffer with carbogen by continuous perfusion and data indicate that dopamine release is extracellular calcium dependent in case of PF9601N, whereas l-deprenyl depends on calcium intracellular origin. Expand