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Substrate and binding specificity of aspartic proteases with milk clotting properties.
The hydrolysis of whole casein and isolated casein components were investigated with the purpose of obtaining information concerning the kinetic and specifty of aspartic proteases in rennin, pepsinExpand
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Is Campanula glomerata threatened by competition from expanding grasses? Results from a 5-year pot-experiment
The disappearance of low-intensity types of agricultural land use such as mowing and grazing is a global phenomenon which leads to changes in species composition and interactions in plantExpand
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Die Porphyrkuppenlandschaft des unteren Saaletals - Vegetationsdynamische Untersuchungen auf kleinflächigen Kuppen unterschiedlicher Entstehungszeit
The porphyry landscape of the lower Saale valley Investigations of vegetation dynamics on small outcrops of different genesis Vegetation-dynamic processes on small outcrops of different origin wereExpand
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Vegetation Cover of Porphyry Outcrops
The plant cover of the porphyry landscape northwest of Halle forms a mosaic of strongly contrasting vegetation units. These are characterized by a high species diversity and the presence of a highExpand
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Die Porphyrkuppenlandschaft des unteren Saaletals - Strukturwandel ihrer Vegetation in den letzten vier Jahrzenten.
The landscape of porphyry outcrops in the lower Saale-valley Structural change of vegetation in the last four decades The vegetation cover of the fragmented porphyry outcrops in the lower valley ofExpand
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Effects of temperature, salinity and cold stratification on seed germination in halophytes
Salt tolerance of halophytes corresponds with the habitat requirement of the species. It is an important factor during the germination phase and it can determine successful establishment. This paperExpand
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A Comparative Study of Germination Biology and Plant Performance in Two Dry Grassland Species
Over the last 20 years, the species assemblage of the species-rich dry grassland communities of central Germany has changed due to the ongoing abandonment of traditional land-use practices. In ourExpand
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Chemical and electrophoretic investigation of the ripening of Gouda and Karsdorfer acid curd cheeses
The ripening process of 2 types of cheese was investigated. Differences during the course of ripening were demonstrated for Gouda, a Dutch cheese type and for Karsdorfer, an acid curd cheese.Expand
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Gradients in dry grassland and heath vegetation on rock outcrops in eastern Germany — An analysis of a large phytosociological data set
The following study presents a statistical analysis of 595 relevés gathered during a survey of isolated grasslands and dwarf shrub heaths in the region of Halle, eastern Germany. Relevés wereExpand
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